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I don't mean to startle you guys but getting to the doctor would be of most importance. Take it from me.
I am 28 now and at age 17 I had surgery for scoliosis. My shoulders were extremely uneven and I have alot of discomfort. I never thought anything of it like you guys because I was not educated on scoliosis. Now I know why the seams of my jeans weren't right and one of my breasts was bigger than the other due to scoliosis too.
Well, at age 16 I went for my drivers test and they found that I had scoliosis and it was too late for a brace because my curve had progressed so much and i had to have a fusion. Please, don't let this go. You may be able to avoid surgery and you need to get this looked at.
Teenage years and at the growth spurts are when the curves progress the most. It is very important to take it seriously. Just get a simple x-ray!
Let us know how it goes!!
Good Luck!

Ps. here is a simple test for scoliosis, bend over and reach for your toes, get someone to look and see if while you are bent over if you have a 'hump' in the rib area below your shoulders. It it sticks up and is humped that is a sign of scoliosis

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