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hi charmaine its judi just thought I would add my self educated point of view and I hope it can help.
Firstly I have an unstable L3-L4 disc that has collapsed and requires a further fusion.
Unfortunantly because of a previous fusion with instrumentation at L4-L5 and L5-S1
The instrumentation cannot be taken out without,the risk of causing massive vertibrae collapse, or high risk spinal cord damage.Therefore it is an agreed opinion that this surgery to stabilize my L3 -L4 level cannot be done.
I experience tingling and numbness in my feet as they go to sleep when I am sitting down. I have prior to having my original surgery had what i call drop falls
this has happened because the spinal cord and nerves are touched by the damaged vertebrae and disc collapse in the L4-5 and not so much the S1 level
Now that the level above this has gone , I am more aware of the risks, being that my legs get heavy and weak when I am in more pain that is coming from the pressure in the middle of my back due to the damaged body parts.

All I can do is use it or loose it as they say over here in Australia.

I find that not believing that I cant do this or that; has helped me not worry so much when I am having trouble with the weakness in my legs, even though I know the consequences of these episodes continuing into the long term.

The fear factor is huge in your husbands case; and his pain is real like all of us with back problems. Its not a matter of not having a physical problem, be it repairable or not through having surgery. Its a matter of being able to consciously accept the way it is now after the surgery.All Your Husband can do is hope that it will settle to a manageable level in the not to distant future.

Doctors just don't know how to get to a patients fear level of life threatening events, when your fear is that you will eventually not be able to walk if these problems keep happening on a physical level like it is for your husband at the moment.

The Pete thing may be a result of the tension he is experienceing just engaging in the act of enjoying a healthy sex drive and trying to do the deed so ease of if it hurts if it is not brocken don't try to fix it, time will heal all the wounds even those that maybe in the mind due to all the stress and sometimes distress of a body that just won't do what we want it too,whrn we expect it too!

I hope that this post is of value and let me know how its going all the best Judi southerand.

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