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New here and hello
Jan 23, 2004
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Hi everyone. I'm new here. I had a fusion operation in 1996 - L3-L5 following years of back problems and a diagnosis of spondylilothesis and spondylosis. I injured my back when I was 17 landing heavily playing netball (now 42 years old). My back pain has never really gone totally since the surgery, but was "managed" by me and i got back to work eventually. In June 2002 I suffered a prolapsed disc (didnt know thats what it was at the time!) and i lost the feeling in my leg and my foot and I could hardly walk. After another stay in hospital i was referred to a london hospital and the consultant there decided to fuse L5 - S1, (March 2003) to remove the previous metal work and to use plates and screws for extra stability. Unfortunately while in hospital i caught an infection so had to have 3 further operations to wash out the infected wound site.Eventually they decided to leave the wound open to heal naturally - i was in hospital for 8 weeks and discharged with a vacu pump - basically my back was stuffed with a sponge attached to a pump to suck out the goo! Yuk! Although the pain in my leg is gone, i never regained feeling in most of my foot.My back pain is better - but never goes away. I just live with it.

I just wanted to pick your brains...... if I have been laying on my back in bed and then try to get out of bed and get moving its almost impossible as I am SO stiff. ITs as if everything seizes up and is almost impossible to move. I just wondered if anyone else has suffered this since a fusion operation? It didnt cause me so many problems the first time round but is a huge problem now! This site is really interesting - sad to know there are so many people suffering still from back pain. Bye for now x
Hi everyone, thanks for replying. It is nice to know you're not alone- but sad to know so many people suffer. The info i have got from reading all your messages has been really useful. I have started doing the exercises "successtory" recommended in an earlier message - hope they help. I also have problems with my neck/shoulder with weakness down my left arm. I go back to see my consultant in London in March and he has put me forward for another MRI scan - he thinks it is likely to be a disc in my neck as my back problems have also been through disc deterioration/spondylosis/spondilylothesis. Never ends does it... I have started swimming 4 times a week which is lovely and gives me some relief in the water.

Anyway, take care everyone

Julie x

1978 - injured back landing heavily while playing netball (aged 17)
spent two weeks in hospital on bed rest. 2 further epideural injections that year.

Suffered intermittent pain from then onwards, but had children, worked etc.

1986 - prolapsed disc
traction/ epideural/ manipulation under general anaesthetic.
1996 - back pain came - never went! ended up in hospital for 8 weeks on total bed rest! Discovered fractured vertebra from netball injury.
finally diagnosed spondylosis/ spondylilothesis.
1997 - fusion - L3-L5
1997 - further epideural for leg pain.
2000 - got back to work! and loved it!
Jan 2002 - sudden pains down leg/back - couldnt walk. lost feeling in left leg and foot. hospitalised for 3 weeks. Caudal block nerve injection. lost job.
Referred to Guys hospital, London.
March 2003 - Fusion L5-S1. Removed previous Hartshill rectangle and replaced with screws and plates. 8 weeks in hospital as caught infection in wound.

Ongoing checkups, and under further investigation for neck pain, but hopefully getting somewhere now. Can only get better!

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