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I've had 3 epi's and 2 caudals. The epis didn't help me, but the caudals did.

They were not too bad for me, the epis. I was more worked up than I needed to be for sure. They gave me Versed for nerves...that helps calm you. If they don't offer it? I'd ask for it. The worst part was the stinging of the lidocaine that they use to 'numb' you before going in. That just stings for a few seconds, though. Then, it's mostly pressure.

I will say that my 1st caudal was very painful...mainly because of all the inflammation in that area. The 2nd one wasn't as bad. I'll say this ~ I'd still do it again, cuz they helped me w/ the pain from sitting tremendously!

As daubie says...don't give up if one doesn't 'work' or seem to do much. Some get help right away....others take more time. Good luck!


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