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Re: Neck pain
Feb 9, 2004
[QUOTE=californiasunflower]Hi Nancy! Have you ever had a cervical MRI? If so, how long has it been? Do you know exactly what cervical disks are affected and how? Do you have stenosis? herniated disk? It appears based on your description that whatever cervical condition you have, it is now symptomatic. Pain is radiating and your range of motion has less mobility. Appears you need an MRI to rule out herniated disk or just to see what's going on to cause your symptoms. I would contact your physician for an appointment right away.[/QUOTE]

Hi, my last MRI was back in '01 it was both cervical and thorasic. And had a Lumbar that day as well. It showed hydration diminished in the mid thorasic area, facet joint disease cervical and thorasic as well as lumbar. C2-3, C3-4 severe increased activity present in facet joints left and right, mild increased activity at C7-T1 also annular tear at C3-4, C6-7 bulge, annular bulge at T6-7. Degenerative changes throught vertbral bodies cervical and thorasic. Multiple "Tarlov Cysts" root sleeve cysts as some call them throughout the thorasic region T3-T7 also in cervical area of C5-6. L2-6 severe degenerative changes, mild stenosis both cervical and lumbar. Small annular tear L4 with bulge and hydration diminshed as well. I also have osteoporosis throughout the spine.

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