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G'day Brooke mate I'm Back :)

ready for a long post hehe, here i go...........
obviously there is always the chance of the pain returning in a day, week, month etc, and i still remember the surgeons words "TIAH, THIS IS TO REDUCE THE PAIN NOT TOTALLY TAKE IT AWAY!"
so for the time being im stoked at how well i feel.

so how are you mate? how many hours you working? how about socially have you been doing much? what about uni? how did you post op appt get? i hope you didnt think i was going to stop asking a million q's now hehehe!
what are your pain levels like and sleeping patterns?

The surgery took a bit over 3 hours and when i awoke i had a drip with about 5 things pumping through it and an epidural so i was in no pain :) that day was the best, then i kind of went down hill a little.
the worst was probably when they turned me over to check the site, i had two drain tubes stitched into my lower back to drain out excess blood and they hurt a bit.
i wasn't eating really at all, which i later regretted.
once they took the cathater out and i had to go to the bathroom thats when all hell broke loose hehe! i passed out everytime they tried to shower me or i went to the toilet, then i'd get chucked back in bed which obviously hurt, and i had trouble breathing, things were like that for the first 5 days and i slowly got better. i think i passed out everyday in hospital

by my last day i was doing two laps around the ward without a frame, very slowly but it was great to walk.

i was then transferred to rehab by ambulance and pretty much rested the whole of the first day. the 2nd and 3rd days i did physio at 9:30am for an hour then slept and had it again at 1:30pm.

by the 4th day i was doing hydro in the pool in the morning and physio in the avo. by the time i was into my second week i was up to doing half an hour on the tredmilll, 10 mins on the exercise bike plus my exercises. everyone was really happy with my progress.

i was taken home by ambulance and now i go to rehab twice a week and do hydro and physio each time, in between i continue walking in 10 min sessions and do my exercises.

if u read the previous post i have hired a tredmill so i can do my walking whenever.

my surgeon is happy for me to try and build up my sitting resistance, as rehab is an hour away i need the practice. i have a special chair at home a special back support for the car and all the usual stuff, grabber, show horn, toilet seat, shower chair etc. my restrictions are no bending or twisting.

tafe started yesterday, havent fully made my mind up yet i spoke to the disabilities person and i can get special consideration, a special chair and all this other stuff. The 1st 2 weeks are usually get to know you, and the teacher crap so i'm not going but i'll get all the notes. maybe by the third week if im strong enough ill go for a bit of each class and get the notes. there is no class work as such so all i need is the notes for the assignments. and because im not working or going to mates houses or the pub or shopping i'll have enough time to rest, exercise and do homework.

im pretty much in no pain unless i do something silly and move in the wrong way.
physio entails strethcing and strengthening exercises to build up my core muscles. in the pool i walk, then i use a kickboard and stand there and push it down and infront of me whilst its under the water, whilst tightening my stomach muscles. i also go in the corner of the pool, float to the top then pretend im on a bike and pedal, if u know what i mean. then i do stretches.

well im off now, they haven't delivered my computer chair so the one im in is un comfy. talk soon mate :)

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