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Re: New Here !
Feb 14, 2004
[QUOTE=hitman1971]Hi Everyone ! ,

I hurt my back last June ... since then I been to my Primary Care physician who took Xrays which looked normal . (I have pain in the lower back which seems to radiate to my buttocks . I don't have any pain in my legs . I'm able to drive and walking and running feel good) .So I was put on anit infamatory and pain killers ... Did help alittle but the pain always returns I was sent to a bone speacialist and got a bone scan done to check for fractures ...The bone scan was normal .. I was also sent for PT which didn't work . Ok now I'm starting to get worried ... so I was order to get a MRI W/O contrast of my lumber spine (See reading below ) and sent to a spine specialist . The doctor took a look at me MRI and 5 seconds later put them up so I can see them and explained to me that that 2 discs looked abnormal ... (In my mind I didn't put the word abnormal and DDD together ) So then he starts to explian my options ... being that I'm 32 years old he said I should pass an MRI with flying colors !! .. I felt alittle small at that point and scared ...

He says that Surgery is a last resort but what I should do is take epidural shots being that PT didn't work for me . Then he says after I take these shots return to PT and strengthen the muscles that stablise the back . This says will minimize my pain . Then he explains the discogram (Because he says that my pain is coming from either both the DDD discs or more then likely one of the bad discs) The discogram would confirm this ... Then he told me about IDET and how they can heat the disc so it hardens and kills the nerves in the disc thus allivating the pain .

I'm scared and don't know what to do ... I was supposed to get injections but have put it off until I think about it and find as much possible information .

How I hurt my back is a mystery ... before I hurt it I was in the Gym 5 days a week .... I used to do Squats (I cannot even think about doing them anymore just thinking about them hurts ) I will never squat again ..

When I hurt my back this is exactly what happened :
I took a shower after I got home from a workout . I was sitting on my couch and I got to go sit on a chair and felt a tremnedous pain in the lower back ... I thought I had pulled a muscle .... Silly me ... I couldn't even bend down ...

Sorry for the long post !!!!

Any advice would be appreciated ..

MRI Findings
Findings : There is degenerative disc desease and grade 1 Spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. However , I do not see any spondylolysis defect and the facet joints are normal in appearance . At this level , there is the expected pseudobulge of disc material from the spondylolisthesis but no compression of the thecal sac or nerve roots. Degenerative disc disease is also present in at L4-5 where there is a small bulge but no stenosis or nerve root compression . The remianing lumbar and lower thorasic disc are normal in appearence.

The conus medullaris is normal in position and signal. The is no pathologic marrow infiltration. The facet joints and other posterior elements are normal .[/QUOTE]

Hi Hitman! Welcome and sorry you are a part of the DDD club.

I too have DDD. I had a herniated L5/S1. I am not a fan of epidural steriod injections -- they didn't do a darned thing for me except cost me money, and the second one made my back worse. Then I had a nerve root block which was the worst thing I've ever done in my life -- the pain was excruciating after the nerve block -- I began to understand why people commit suicide, it was that bad.

Please see my thread on aquatic therapy. You should try it. I ultimately had a hemilaminectomy for my herniated disc, but DDD is a chronic condition and I live by doing my pool exercises and taking a dose of Ultracet ( a relatively mild pain killer) when I need it! There is hope and there is help! I'd go find another orthopedic surgeon and see what he has to say.

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