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Hi CalSun,

Yes, the Versed was a lifesaver. It didn't make me feel sick like general anesthesia does just seriously sedated, I mean I didn't even know I was there. I don't know if I would have had the nerve otherwise because I really am a big baby and it's hard enough to be in pain daily, let alone sign up for more...the donuts were a real benny...I ate them in bed when I got home and fell fast asleep and awoke in a sprinkling of toasted cococut and powdered sugar! LOL

Anyway, let's see, the epidural contained cortisone, some type of anesthetic (sorry, I don't know what kind but it was just to keep the area numb for a few hours), and a type of saline solution...the doc's office called it a "hypertonic saline solution", but I do not know the purpose of the that part. I don't know what arachnoiditis is, but I guess I didn't get it because I feel OK now.

My condition is a little confusing to report on because I have arthritis in my neck and some bulging discs, but I also, unfortunately, have TMJ disorder. I've tried treating the TMJ w/splint therapy, and a number of other modalities (PT, chiro, drugs, etc.) but it persists. I am sure the TMJ makes my neck pain worse, but I am currently at a loss as to what to do about the TMJ, so I am trying to attack the neck issue in the hopes that it will squelch some of my pain and give me a chance to calm down TMJ wise too. It's so interconnected that hopefully if I can fix one, perhaps it will help the other. Yes, I have bad headaches (I think they're more tension than migraine, I also have face pain, jaw pain, tingling on my chin, and lots and lots of muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders and upper back).

The doc pinpointed the rt. side of my neck, and frankly that has felt better. It used to be tender to touch and feel like the vertebrae themselves on that side hurt, but not hardly at all anymore. The left side still hurts so I'm going for that tomorrow. I still have tightness and spasm in both my shoulders and jaw pain, but my pain overall is feeling about 20% better and I haven't had a tension headache since.

Please do not be disheartened by it being only 20%, CalSun, because I honestly believe the majority of my pain in from my TMJs and not my neck...I'm just treating what I can at this point. I think if it were more my neck my improvement level would be much, much higher.

I worked the next day about 6 hours or so. I felt a little out of sorts, but pain wise it was just a little sore, like I had worked out too hard...except I haven't worked out in a long time. :-(

The first 3 days after I had it done, I had virtually no pain, even in my jaw, so I was pickling in cortisone, but after my body flushed out some of it, some of my pain came back, with the exception of the 20% I mentioned above. And yes, I am still working, like a dog. LOL

I know I just rambled around a bit, but I hope I answered your questions. Just be sure you follow those points I mentioned in my first post above (anesthesiologist, fluorscopy, versed, etc.).

Best to you, let me know what happens. It's worth a shot, so to speak. Wish me luck tomorrow.


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