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I have had a lot of neck and upper back tightness/pain since I was in a car accident last May. I also have bouts of facial and scalp tingling off and on. I was just wondering if it is possible for muscle tightness in my upper back and neck to cause this tingling sensation in my face.

Who has been treating you for your injuries? Tingling in the face is a neurological symptom and your symptoms could be caused by your accidental injuries. Need an MRI to see what is going on in your neck especially since you were in a car accident. Need to verify if you have pinched nerve and/or herniated cervical disk. Neck pain can radiate upwards (causing headaches) and downwards (shoulders, arms) and the force of an accident can cause these symptoms. But you need a physician to verify that. I recommend you report this symptom to your physican. :)
Hi, thank you for your replys. :)

Last summer I saw a chiro a few times, but had to quit going after finding out I had thyroid cancer. He did do an xray and said I had whiplash. Would he have been able to tell if I had a pinched nerve or herniated disc by xray? I have mentioned my neck pain and facial tingling to my GP, but he never seems too concerned(blamed it on anxiety/tension headaches??).

Delilah, I have been wondering about TMJ. I do have jaw pain and clicking off and on. I also grind my teeth at night. How is this dx'd?

I will make an appt. with my GP and insist on more testing to see what is causing my pain and tingling.

Thanks again, hilery
Hi Hilery!

Delilah is very adept with TMJ symptoms. She'll also answer your questions very well. I learned a lot from her too! I was unaware it affected sinuses and caused ear problems too! Wow! TMJ can wreak havoc!

An MRI is needed to determine pinched nerve and verify herniated disk. Caution: Please avoid having Chiro do adjustments as that can worsen a pinched nerve!

This can cause facial pain, tingling, and all the symtoms described by Delilah.

Dentists, A DMD or DDS can treat TMJ and bruxism.

The bruxism can be eliminated by using a mouthgard. The one prepared by the dentist is good but will cost a lot of money that your insurance carrier may not pay for as "Nightguards" and/or mouthgards are usually exclusions. If you have TMJ, the dentist should prepare a "Preauthorization" for your health plan to review-- if TMJ services are covered. Delilah can probably give you much more info on that aspect. If these services are deemed related to your car accident, be sure to keep records of everything so that you can get reimbursement from whomever is responsible.

I highly recommend the use of a mouthgard at night during sleep, particularly to eliminate teeth clenching. The results are remarkable and improvements are quick. Then, any pain that shows afterwards is generally due to the neck injury that can cause migraines. As long as there is inflammation in the neck, you may experience headaches/migraines.

A mouthgard from Wal-Mart that costs $25 (which I thought was high, but not compared to what the dentist will charge which is $400 and over) is very effective. The instructions to fit it to your oral cavity are easy. It comes with a very nice holder, and now, one can keep it fresher and cleaner with the new Aquablast! :) At first time trying the mouthgard, it will feel extremely strange and you might even think "the heck with this." But give yourself time to adjust as the results are remarkable! You will eliminate a pain source from teeth clenching and you don't need a physician's prescription to get this useful item for yourself. The cost is worth the benefit!

Hope this helps and you get relief! CaSun :cool:

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