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My latest MRI said that I have spondylosis at the L5-S1. What does that mean? I have heard of several terms that sound similar to that, but am confused as to what it is.
Hi GracieGirl,
I remembered this thread yesterday as I looked at the diagnosis code on my discharge sheet, flipped it over, and saw it meant lumbar spondylosis. No one has ever said this word to me. I came to your post to see what it is! I'm confused, too. Does this mean I have osteoarthritis? Well, I had good results (1/2 day pain relief) from my facet injections/nerve blocks - or so they say that's good - so a week from today I'm getting radio frequency lesioning on a huge area. We will 'kill' the nerves L5-S2 coming out of the si joint and coming out of the facets, so we will see!
From what I have been told, spondylosis and spondylothesis are 2 different things. I asked my pain manangement dr what spondylosis was and he said it was a fancy way of saying degenerative condition. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition, too. I have OA in my facet joints, and my L5-S1 disc is degenerative (desiccated, protruding, and torn).

Amy R., let me know how your treatment goes. My pm dr is talking about doing that. I too had the facet injections and got about 2 good days out of it. I am anxious to see how yours goes. I go back for another round of injections at the end of the month. Keep me posted. Good luck to you.

I am sorry you are hurting so. I saw your other post as well. I hope you get some relief soon. I went to my pm dr this week, and he wants to wait a bit before he does that procedure with me. I have sooooo many muscle spasms now and he is trying to get those to calm down. Then he will address the facets again. If that doesn't work, he will look at my torn L5-S1 again. Do you have a lot of muscle spasms? Mine are incredible. They go all the way up to my shoulders! Even though my arthritic facets are in my lumbar.

Well, hope this message finds you feeling better. Keep me posted.

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