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Im sorry.......I didnt know I had all these replies...
thank you very much for them all.
they referred me to Orthopedic and after waiting 2 hours the doc comes in and says..."why are you here?" "I am not seeing civillians..only active duty" I was mad...they should have referred me to a civilian doc in the first place. so, he put in a referral for a civvy doc...more wasted time. as of the last MRI (8 months ago) I had spinal stenosis....2 bulging dics in the L1-S5 <----sp?
curvature of my spine....and the Hemangioma in the thorasic (upper back). I have seen many "reg" docs......which many say..."oh, that hemangioma shouldnt hurt at all"....HUH....YEAH RIGHT!!!! thats because most dont hurt...they are accidentally found....I am the one that told them something is wrong do an upper MRI.....the pain is HORRIBLE right in the middle back at my bra line, and comes around the sides....and it hurts totally through my chest to the front like I have a stake sticking in my back into the front...the worst is when I stand for more than 2 to 3 doc asked if my arms got weak and painful.....YES....he said a hemangioma can continue to grow and eventually paralize me....does anyone know what other tests will show the hemangioma....they wont do another MRI yet.......need approvals through the Army. does anyone know of any websites talking more about spinal Hemangiomas?
thank you sooo much for all the support..........HUGS

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