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Mar 5, 2004
Since my posting yesterday regarding any Maverick Artificial Disc Replacement results, I thought to ask some questions about the discogram. Is it common for people to have to have two discogram? My problem is L4; however, the discogram was performed on L3, L4, and L5, in that order. L3 no problem, L4 severe pain, and L5 had pain when the maximum of 2.4 ccs was injected. Thus, the discographer thought the pain at L5 was hydraulic referral pain to the diseased L4 with tears. A week later I had to have another discogram on just L5 while they injected a small amount of xylocaine into L4. L5 was deemed normal. I would like to question why the order of the first discogram was not the two suspected normal discs (L3 and L5) before injecting L4 the diseased disc with the tears? It is my guess and question that if during the first discogram the discographer injected the two normal discs first, I would not have had to have a second discogram?

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