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[QUOTE=2scoops]I strongly reccomend you read the books "Healing Back Pain" and "The Mindbody Prescription", these books were written by John E. Sarno. He believes that many people's back pain and limb pain comes from, tension, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. He calls the condition TMS(Tension Myositis Syndrome). He can probably get the books at your library. I did and ended up buying them on e-bay for $12 for both of them. Both books are around 170 pages, so it does not take long to read them. I am 27 years old have been theough over a year of chronic pain, low back pain, burning into legs and feet, throbbing, weakness in the left leg, burning in the hip. I have tingling, pins and needles, pressure in my low back like someone is pressing me in the back. I had a cat scan which showed bulging discs, degeneration, and spondylolysis. I also had a MRI which revealed that also. So the doctors found things to confirm my pain. I have been to ortho, neuro, chiro, pain management, tried supplements, back brace, all which have failed. These books have helped me more than anything and they do not involve, exercise or surgery. There seems to be an epidemic all of a sudden of back problems which people are having surgeries that are not helping. Maybe John Sarno is on to something with the whole TMS. I say read the books and see if they describe you. Let me know if you decide to give this a chance, because if you go back to the doctor, they will find some reason for your pain. Maybe you have scar tissue, or your disc is bulged or heriated back out. I say read the books.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the suggestion, and I will go to the library to get the books. I'll be going back to the doctor next week anyway because it's a checkup. So you haven't had surgery but feel as though your condition is improved? Your symptoms sound like mine and your diagnosis was the same. In addition, I also have scoliosis and stenosis. However, I'm 62 years old as compared to your tender 27 years. In all other areas, though, I'm in excellent health. This was my first surgery and also the first time to be in the hospital except to give birth.


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