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Re: Popping Spine
Mar 14, 2004
[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Comic Sans MS]My neck is a nuther story.....guess you could say I 'git it at both ends' !! I have DDD in my neck and in my low spine area....both are from rather strange but tramatic accidents. I was on back of our 'old' motorcycle and it was what they call rigid frame....NO suspenion.....(this was bout 10 yrs ago...we now have LOTS of suspension)....we were following a big truck and a deep chuckhole came up unexpectibly and we hit it !! It knocked my head back with a jerk as far as it would go and I heard a crush or crunch.......seen stares and about blacked out. After that I had a grinding noise in my neck like sand on the years went on it got worse and worse. Then I was drug by a horse hanging onto the reins and slammed into the bumper of a big truck as I slid by which stopped me abruptly! That really finished it off.....had went to our regular doc several times about it (since retired) but he told me he felt it was nerve damage and that was about it. My last cervical exray mentiond spur formation right and left causeing narrowing of the foramina bilaterally ? Mild reversal of the lordoitic curve compatible with spasm ? Disc spaces of C4-5-6 narrowed due to longstanding dissecation. Then it said articular facettes unremarkable ? (huh) I've been dieing to type all this down and HOPE someone would have a clue what all this ment ??? My new doc is WONDERFUL......I just love him but he didn't explain things after the exrays and just said it is VERY VERY painful. He tried to explain it to me tho....I was a bit upset and worried and didn't aborb it all......laymen terms it wasn't. My lower spine LS-S1 is severe DDD the report said and have a good size lump on my disc area. Actually a good way to explain the clunking in my back is with one of the bendable Barbie's dolls......I hear more of a ping noice is my neck and usually they sting when it happens but the rest of my back CLUNKS when I bend or even git up to walk or move around. Some days the clunkin is more noticealbe then others and VERY loud with sometimes SEVERAL clunks in a row. This entire mess has me confused and people get tired of you complaining about back pain. I know it is bad when I begin to shake. My leg shook while driveing (it was cold out but this was uncontrollable wierd) home this weekend from a get together.....I sat in agony the last two hours we were there and people were actually asking me if I was ok and looking at me strange. (I was rather quiet). I had a few wine coolers so I KNEW better then to even THINK of takein any pain meds so I endure'd. OK.....nwo that I have bored you all to death......I'm sorry.....found an ooportuniy and went with it.....what the heck is goin on with my spine.....sheesh. This is a great place.....thanks for listening to me !!!!! (any ideas on themeidcal terms would be greatly appreciated) PF days to you ! Pam[/FONT][/COLOR]

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