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Morning Back Pain
Mar 11, 2004

I found the following post on this sites previous message boards. It was from 2000. I am experiencing the exact same thing. Pain in the morning, it subsides after an hour or so of being up and active, and I have no more pain throughout the day. Next morning, same thing over again. It's mostly in the middle of my upper back, and it hurts to bend my head forward/down. I was wondering if anyone might help explain it? Thanks.

"Hi All, just happened upon this forum, looking for info about the type of pain I've been having. I have an appointment with my M.D. this Friday but was curious if my problem sounds familiar to anyone out there.

Five weeks ago, I had the sudden onset of pain across the back, sort of between the shoulder blades. It especially hurt to tip my head forward. I thought I may have injured it somehow, though I couldn't think of anything I did to it, but the pain has been there every day for five weeks with zero improvement.

For the last two weeks or so, I find that the pain is especially excruciating for a while when I first get up in the morning but tends to feel better after I'm up and moving around throughout the day. This makes me suspect that it's some type of arthritis, perhaps, but not sure if it's typical for an arthritis flare-up to last this long without relief. I can carry out just about every activity throughout the day, and if I sit or stand very straight upright, there's practically no pain at all. However, I get the pain with certain movements (such as sitting at a stoplight with my sun visor down, and trying to crain my neck to peak under the visor to watch for the green light--that type of movement).

I've tried ibuprofen, with little-or-no improvement; and having my husband use a massager on the sore area only made the pain much worse the next day. The pain now is pretty much in the center of my spine, right about the middle of the upper back. Do any of you suffer with spinal arthritis, and if so, does your pain sound anything like this? For many months (maybe a year or more), I've sometimes noticed a sharp stab of pain in about this same area when I reach up to put the heavy laundry detergent bottle away in a cabinet directly above the washer.....just for a brief second as I reach up. This has made me also wonder if a pinched nerve could be causing this problem.

Sorry to ramble on so long, but I thought some of my story might sound familiar to someone else who might be able to offer me some input. I'd love any suggestions of questions to ask my doctor when I see him Friday, if there's anything I SHOULD be asking about. I'm afraid of letting this get to be a chronic situation, and I'd sure like to avoid having years and years ahead of me of back pain if there's anything I can do right now to nip things in the bud.

From what I've read on the internet, it sounds like a lot of people don't really get any good answers about what's causing their back pain. After living with this daily pain for only five weeks, I can sure sympathize with you poor folks who have had to endure years of suffering!!! I'm already beginning to feel like I hate to go to bed because I know I'm in for a very painful awakening in the morning.

Anyway, any comments from anyone who might have or has had the mid upper back pain would be most welcome. Seems like lots of low back pain sufferers out there. Good luck to all, and thanks for "listening." :-)"

Like I said, I am experiencing the exact same thing.


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