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Hello Mistina:

I had hemilaminectomy/discectomy Right side (7/16/03). Prior to surgery I had horrible leg pain (like my muscles), cramps, numbness on my right toes, there was a burning sensation on my disc, like if it was boiling water, my hips would hurt as it my pelvis was splitting apart, buttocks pain, then I had the "cable pain" all along the back of my Right leg. This was all the time 24/7.

Now, it has improved. I would say 50%. I have pain everyday, but it is only about 2 to 3 in the scale, very mild, but it is there. I can go now by without painkillers for about 8 days, then hits back on for another 4 to 5 days. I have to take a painkiller here and there on those bad days otherwise it won't go away. Then goes down again in the scale. Like a cycle.

Post/op I have buttock pain, hip pain but I don't feel it as splitting like I used to prior/op, I still feel the disc burning, and my legs hurt every now and then. I don't have numbness anymore.

Post/op feel much better, but I guess i put my hopes up too high and I am little bit disappointed not to feel a higher improvement. However, I must tell you that in the goods days, even tho I still feel some pain, I am able to work out, shop alllll day :), and do a lot of activities, and the most important be happy. Kind of like a charge for when the bad days come.

I talked to a guy that has had 5 surgeries. He started at 18 with a herniated disc and now is 42. He improved about 50% after surgery. Also told me that he also is in the "wave". Some days goods some days bad. Says the change of weather has a lot to do with it. Also said that you need about 2 years to completely recover if indeed you will recover from the herniation.

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