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[QUOTE=Mart7]They will probably want to do an MRI and possibly another EMG. However, from my understanding (I have only had closed MRIs), you may request an open MRI; I am sure it would be a viable option for you. Since your last studies -- e.g., MRI, EMG were about 5 years ago; it is very likely that changes have occurred and new studies would be very important and informative. You haven't been "a pain" at all, you are obviously in a lot of pain and need answers and treatment -- we only want you get the help and treatment you deserve, :angel: it sounds like you have really been getting the runaround from your Doctors, which just isn't right at all. :rolleyes: We are all here for you, please keep us posted on what you find out. You've come to the right place for support. :wave:

Hi Mart7! :)

The last MRI was done 9/15/03 and the EMG was done 12/20/02 so I wasn't sure if they would want to repeat them or not. I've had 4 or 5 MRI's since '95 (was having female problems at that time and they wanted to rule out the possiblitily of endemetrosis on the spinal cord). I've only had the one EMG. The last MRI was in an open machine and it's still very close to the face. It's better than the closed one, but I still had some problems with it. I guess if they need another, I'll grin and bear it best I can. After all, it's for ME! :D

I picked up the more recent reports today from my PM doc so I could take them to the new doc on Monday, that way she doesn't have to wait on anything and can go over everything with me. I'm still battling to understand some of the more technical medical terms, but hopefully as I look some up, I'll get a bit of a better grasp and can ask more intelligient sounding questions come Monday.

Another it common for the MRI reports to say completely different things every time on them? It seems from reading them that each is different. I didn't know if that was common or not. The thing they do seem to have in common is how they were done. This statement "MRI of lumbar spine without and with contrast, using routine protocol including sagittal and axial T1 weighted images following gadolinium administration" is pretty much idential on all of the reports. After that, everything else seems very different on each report. I'm not really sure what to make of it. Could it be the person reading them getting different impressions? Each has been read by a different doctor.

I also found out while at the PM doc, the insurance turned down the trial for the SCS the PM doc wants to do (talk about good timing, the insurance company was talking to the office manager when I got there). I think I'm actually relieved since I still have so many questions about it. They have to wait to get the denial letter so it's 'official' to make my next appointment so we can discuss further options.

Is it possible for a bulging disk to heal on it's own and not bulge anymore? The latest MRI report states "No evidence of disc bulging or disc protrusion at any level." The one previous to that (12/02) stated I had profuse bulging at the L4-L5, L5-S1 levels.

I do apologize again because all my posts seem so long right now. Maybe once I get a bit more handle on this I can do the more shorter postings. :)

Thanks again for the advice!

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