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I for one think that you need to ditch the girlfriend.I know this may be hard for you to do but my god, all of this pain you are in and she can't even give you a little back rub or say a few supportive words now and then to at least try and make you feel a little bit better?Does she make any attempt at all to help you?How uncaring can a person be?i really feel for you.

You have recieved alot of really helpful information from these kind posters.please go see your Dr and at least get things rolling.and he/she will take it from there.You definitely need to be evaluated.Severe pain like yous dosen't just pop in without good reason.just a suggestion,but after my ins co in their infinite wisdom, decided that my pT was just not helping me,it was going real slow,but it was really helping relieve severe pain in my upper shoulders and neck caused by some very large and quite visible muscle/tissue knots.i had to get kind of creative in ways to try and release some of that really intense tightness up there and came up with a tennis ball,placed between my back and the wall.Just press your back,upper or lower,into the tennis ball,and as hard as you can, push against it and kind of move your body around by rolling it behind you.when you come to a particularly bad spot, push really hard in that area and just move rather slightly back and forth and then just press in as hard as you can and hold it there for about 30 will actually sometimes even feel the muscle kind of let go after a while.this tennis ball thing has saved me from alot of agony since my PT was stopped.I couldn't believe the difference in the overall tightness in my back even after just one week of doing this once or twice a day depending on the severity of the pain I was having.This might feel kind of painful at times but it feels kind of like a good hurt,just like when you get a back massage and it hurts at first but you can also feel the knots start to break down a little.just a thought.

well, good luck to you,i hope you can get to see your doc really soon,you need some answers here.And please, sit down and talk with you girlfriend and find out just what her deal is.If she cannot give you any support when you are suffering like this,why in gods name are you staying with her?for your own sake, please think about giving her the old heave ho,as you really do deserve someone who really is there for you,you know?Keep us posted, we really do care.Marcia

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