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[QUOTE=Ladywolfe][B][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][QUOTE=carol632]Degenerative discs is not OA. It is, for some people, the aging process, for others it is due to a tear or rupture. For you, L-3 has not begun to deteriorate. What kind of symptoms are you having? YOur symptoms will probably be the indicator for the next step. [/COLOR] [/B]

I thought it might have something to do with the aging process...I started having back problems when I was 36 - I am now 42. It is common to have DDD that young? I have not had an injury to my back at all.

The symptoms I have been having are: not being able to stand up straight, like really great posture. If I bend over, whether that be to grasp the back of a chair or the kitchen sink, it doesn't hurt as bad.

When I AM trying to stand up straight and /or walk, my left leg starts hurting and going numb.
Both of my feet have been tingling/numb for years now. (off and on - mostly on all the time now).
When I stand up from a sitting position, it feels like I have to give my back a few seconds to readjust before I start walking.
Setting in a recliner with the leg rest extended brings relief.
When sleeping, I usually have a pillow under my knees, as lying flat hurts my back.

I don't seem my Dr for another two weeks - I'll see what he has to say about further treatment/options. I honestly do NOT want to even think about surgery if this can be taken care of another way.

Thank you all very much for your replies. :)[/QUOTE]

When I went in to see my doc I told him that the most comfortable position for me was to sit and lean forward. He told me that was because the nerve was being impeded on when I sat up straight. When I do a back bend, to try to stretch out my back it hurts like he**. Sounds like your condition is simular although I don't have the narrowing (stenosis) of the spine.

If you are hurting when standing up then there is probley some nerves involved. Have you talked to your doctor about Neurontin?

For the first time since my back injury I decided to take enough pain pills to help stop the pain. It took three Ultraset. I can honestly see why people become addicted to them. This is my first pain free day in almost a year. I know that I can't keep doing this as I will become an addict, but I had to go out shopping for about six hours.

When you see your doc make sure and tell him all of the ways that you hurt (positions) as well as the ones that are comfortable. I keep a list so that I don't forget anything.

The pillow between the legs is great. It keeps your pelvis/hips aligned. I fianally broke down and bought one of those *as seen on tv* ones that is shaped to fit inbetween your knees or legs, whichever is most comfortable for you. It has a washable cover and a velcro strap. I don't seem to need the strap. I can honestly say that this has made a world of difference in how I sleep.

Since your leg goes numb and/or hurts, it sounds like a nerve is involved. That can be serious.

Age is definetly a factor in back problems. You are still quite young.

Most people think that you have to have a back injury that you notice for your back to hurt but it can be any number of factors, such as running; it causes minute injury to your back each time you come down on your foot. Over time we injure our backs running. Swimming is a much more fluid activity.

Tight ham strings is another culprit as is loose abs. I have to force myself to work my hamstrings and abs, dailey.

I am not sure if there is a cure for the stenoisis short of some kind of surgery but there are definetly steps that you can follow to help with back pain that involve life style changes such as diet, exercise, supplements, and the saying, *be here now*. I have to pay close attention to how I move. I am very aware of every movement these days, things that I used to take for granted.

wishing you the best, never give up,

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