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Well here's my sad but true story lol (i just have to laugh about it )

In 96 i was working installing air conditioning in a house, walking down the stairs i slipped (bounched down 3 steps on my heal )my back bothered me but i figured a good nights sleep and a heating pad would fix me (im just a worker ) The next morning my lower back bothered me went to work took 14 moltrins (felt great) did a full days work. The next day i could barely walk got into my truck couldent get out so i figured i might as well go to work, picked up my helper got to the job could barely stand up another worker asked what i was doing for my back. i told him i'd go to a chiropractor he laughed and said he thinks i need more then that. After going thru a few Dr's and surgery (fusion of L4-L5 L5-S1 w/rods bone dowel in front and what ever else he decided to do ) ive been dumped by Dr's been told they don't want my case been told it's been too long to fix what was done i stay happliy on my meds lol (told you i have to laugh) and just pitter around as best i can. I now have nerve damage problems walking pain that radiates dowm both legs in verious ways hip pain i could go on but we all know whats involved here. I've been on disablity since the accedent even SSDI conceded quickly (after they recived all my reports they actually cancled their Dr's appointment ) lol

Well thats my story

Hope we all have atleast 1 pain free day


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