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I also feel your pain. I have had my back injury for 10 yrs. It has slowly become worse. I was a person that loved to work, two jobs, and I was quite active in other ways. You asked how to cope, I can only tell you what I have done and maybe it can help you. I am a native american and even though I am a woman I am considered a warrior among my people. I say this only because if you know the native american heratige it is known that warriors don't show pain. It is considered a weekness. For the last 10 yrs. I have hid all pain from people. Imagine trying to tell a doctor how you feel with this drummed into your head for most of your life. Talk about misdiagnoses. I use to cope with the pain through meditation. I found a way through this method to eleveate the muscles. The one thing I have found is you and you alone knows your body. Because I know my body I can stop a asthma attack through relaxation tecniquecs. I also can relax muscles from within. It may sound wierd to you or even like bull**** but it is true. I was walking the path you have walked. Drugs were my best friends. so much so I had become addicted. I now control my life and the amount of drugs I will put in my body. I have a upper body injury. My thorasic and neck muscles constantly spasm. I have two bulging discs in my neck and knumbing in hands, neck and mid-back about bra line. When I go to the therapysts I would ask what they were doing and pay attention to how they did it. Anything that relieves the pain in therapy I would do at home. For instance there is a muscle that runs from your diaphram down to your hips, I forget the name of it but it starts with a S, when that muscle was released I could begin to walk better. After a while that therapyst had me dancing. Even though I am no longer seeing that therapyst I still work that muscle and am still able to walk. I have learned so much through therapyst that I relieve my girlfriend's muscles when her syatic acts up. My point is never give in to your pain. Yes I go through my bouts of depression but with meditation and telling myself I am worth more I pull myself out. My girlfriend also has never seen me in a depression. The only way I can explain that is "acting". We all hold secrets inside us and noone knows so I extend it to also relate to depression, since I know it is not a cemical problem, I know it is because I am not the strong brick wall I use to be. I am now learning what I can do and focussing on that. Sorry if I rambled, I just hope at least some of what I said helps.
Searching Eagle

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