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Re: Post op pain
Mar 27, 2004
Hello [b]Texasga[/b]:
Boy, I sure know what you are going through. I also had surgery last year 07/16/03. Nine months ago. I still have flare ups. I think surgery has helped about 50% but it still hurts everyday. The good days pain level is low, don't need to take a painkiller, can do just about everything and I feel very happy. Then, Wang, the bad days. They last about 4 to 5 days, needing to take ONE vicoding every day. Then the good days, like a wave. Last couple of weeks got so bad that the Dr gave me a [i]"Joint Facet"[/i] injection last Thursday. It helped, however, R buttock hurts a little bit. Not biggy. I don't know if I should be happy when I very well know this is just a camouflage and pain will come back. I don't know what to think about the whole thing. 50% of improvement is not good enough for me after 9 months.

What type of injections did you have? You seemed to have had several... you mentioned it only helped you 2 to 3 weeks. Gosh, see, I tell you, I know this injections are a camouflage.. this is just for the moment and pain is right back when injection wears out. Have you have surgery? How long ago? I think after 9 months post/op, I should be feeling better than this.

BTW, water therapy really does good to me. However, it is a momentarily thing. At least your muscles are working out and you are not hurting your back. I go swimming at least 3 time a week. I also get in the Jacuzzi.. Boy, does that really help!!!
[size=-2]-Back Problems since 08/25/2001
-3 Nerve block injections (helped first couple of months, then would wear out)
-Changed insuranse from [i]Kaiser[/i] to [i]UH[/i]. Kaiser gave me the run around all the time.
-Saw new NS under new insuranse. 5 days later: Had hemilaminectomy/discectomy on Right side [i]L5-S1[/i] (07/16/2003)
-03/2004, feel better 50% but still have pain EVER *@#$%&!! day.[/size]

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