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Hi I am so glad I have found this board. I was in a car accident last year my car was totaled and I have back, neck, migraines and arm problems caused by the accident. I was rearended by a garbage truck and lucky to be alive. However through out an entire year I have been seen a neurologist, chriopractor, family physician, massage therapist, water PT. I also take elavil, neurontin, midrin, Lidocaine patches, Ultracet. I wear orthapedic braces on both arms at night. I have constant lower back pain between my shoulders at the base of my neck it pops and hurts daily. Both arms used to tingle but now only R arm tingles and numbness all the time. Do have shooting pains in both hands. I am rather ticked at my neuro in the beginning he would say if you were my sister I would tell you don't do surgery. Now that it has been a year my PIP is exhausted and he is waitng on lawsuit settlement on my last visit he is like well I can't do anything else for you I am sending you to a Orthapedic surgeon hello. I waited a whole year while he tried different meds on me and now he sends me. I saw the Orthopedic today he did x-rays of my hands and found the CTS to be very minor so now he is concerned in what is causing the pain for me. So now I did a shot of cortisone in my wrist to see if it helps. He says if I see lasting relief then I would make a good candidate for the surgery. If not then we will have to do further testing. I have had x-rays done at hospital ER then had a 3 hr. MRI, X-Rays 2 times at Chriopractor. My test results of the MRI are Loss of cervical curve C5-6, C6-7 disc bulges, disc herniations at T9-10, Disc degeneration at L2-3, L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1, disc bulging at L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1 at thoracolumbar scoliosis.

I am on restricted activities still today I am unable to do prolong neck flexation over 1 hr. Not work over my head with arms for over 1 hr. Avoid repetitive bending, twisting, or stooping at the waist. No prolonged sitting or standing over 2hours. No lifting over 40 pds. I am a mother of 3 children well I guess now 2 one is 19 now. I have a 10 yr. old and a 4 yr. old so this makes my life very hard daily as I know you all know too.

I see the Orthopedic again in 1 month and then we will decide where to go. I hate taking the meds all the time because some turn me into a zombie with kids this is not good. My dh and me own our business and I am the office person and he does the service side of it. The stress of all this has really effected all of our lives here.

I forgot I have also had one EMG on my legs which hurt like crazy however on my arms I have had the test done 3 times and never had any pain from it at all which the neurologist said is not good. He actually thought they would find CTS bad in my wrist and they did not find a bad case at all. I too am on a computer most of my days when I am able to work but as you see I have to get up and move around so not much work done most of the time.

We have decided to move the office back to our house since we have the space now. So that might relieve me some I can just lay down.

I really don't have much positive here sorry about that however I am not sleeping again which is how it was in the beginning. They think they will have to change my meds have been on it for over a yr now. I hope the shot works because I will do surgery if it does.

We are having to pay out of pocket now no health insurance here. Will get it back when lawsuit is settled but until all our money to pay. Today my 1st visit cost $600 cash please.

Well I have to go my oldest has cooked dinner for me tonight. I hope to be back on the board soon. It is nice to finally find some where that I can relate with others about the pain etc. Thanks again for listening.


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