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Hello, Was wondering if any one can help me. I have this horrible upper back and chest pain that seems to increase throughout the night and is at its worst in the morning then starts to subside upon getting out of bed and moving around It feels like heartburn but its not Its like a horrible tightness and if I lean forward or backward it shoots down my spine. Also neck hurts and right arm has muscle weakness in forearm. I get alot of headaches and shoulders feel knotted up all the time also sciatic like pain in buttocks area and upper thigh in the back of leg :wave: . Ive had ultrasounds seen GP, OBGYN, been on Nexium they thought it was Gerd (no Relief) Been diagnosed with possible IBS, Endometriosis, etc etc. Finally saw a chiro who did xrays and found spine to be out of whack after having a baby 1 year ago but have only found after seeing him that I feel ok that day and pain comes right back. I found Soma helps me sleep but not all night. Anyways can anyone relate to this? I'd love any info you could share.

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