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Morning: I would like to reply to tell you that I had the Maverick disc put into the L5-S1 area of my lubar spine back in December 18th, a little over 3 months ago. I would do it all over again if need be. My back is so much better; however, I still suffer with leg and foot pain from nerve damage. My doctor feels as though this too will eventually pass when then nerves have had time to heal themselves. I am still taking Oxcodone at night and Vicodin during the day. But I must admit that I find myself taking less as each week passes so I must be getting better. If I didn't have the leg and foot pain I would say that I was 100%. My doctor, Kenneth Burkus, from the Hughston Sports Hospital in Columbus, GA, is an honor graduate from Yale University and I have all the confidence in him and his abilities. He enrolled me in the study and I was selected to receive the disc replacement instead of a fusion. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain the latest medical procedure for back problems. Please continue to look into this procedure for yourself and if you have to pay for it, then it will probably be the best money you ever spent. Let us hear from you.

[QUOTE=jayjay2]Hi all,

First off this is not jayjay2, it's her hubby with a question for any artificial disk implant patients. I had a fall in Oct2001 and damaged my L4/L5 disk. I have had a NuclearPlasty done in August of 2002 which relieved my symptoms for approximatly 3 months. I have had several Cortisone injections into the problem area over a 12 month period all of which have had limited effects. Last September I was sent for a 2nd MRI scan and it showed the disk had protruded a lot more than previously. I have been off work completly since June 2003 anyway. My injury is work related and I do not know the workers medial compensation system the world over but I have been paid a minimum wage since my accident via "Workers Compensation" payments. My pain specialist referred me in Sept of last year back to my surgeon saying there was nothing more he could do for me after several procedures (see above re cortisone shots etc). My surgeon has studied my scans and referred me to another surgeon and they both think I am a "prime candidate" for an artificial disk. Because it is such a relativly new "experimental" procedure the insurance company here are NOT willing to fund it. My other option is to fund it myself, approximatly AUS$30,000 all up including hospital stay. Currently I am taking Oxycontin and Oxycodine to "manage" my pain, but it has got to the point where I have almost had enough of everything. My home life with my family has suffered immensly and I run with a fairly "short fuse'. It is really starting to strain the whole family.

Anyway, I'm really trying to find out if anyone on here has had an artificial disk inserted and what it has meant to them, has it been worth it ? Them kind of answers. Please excuse me if I have explained this all wrong, my very first attempt at writing something in these forums. I have read what I can about the artificial disks which are on offer, Pro-Disk, Maverick etc and wish to hear first hand from anyone who has had one done.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I guess I better run along now and register here too :)[/QUOTE]

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