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[QUOTE=Krysv]He thinks that one of my joints is basically fused to one of my vertebrae.

How odd! I've been suffering from extreme back pain and had two separate MRI's, and then started PT. My sacrum was fused to the pelvice bones. PT really really helped. It DOES hurt a great deal, but eventually, it will get better, IF that's what the problem is. Make sure it is. :)

Anyway, most of what I've been doing is stretching, and that helps a great deal. Stand beside a low chair or high footstool (think tub-height) and put one foot up. bend at the waist and hang your opposite arm down. You don't have to bend too much, depending on the height of the stool. The higher it is, the less you have to bend. Hold for two minutes, then switch sides.

Roll up two hand towels and place them under your pelvic bones while lying on your tummy. Lay like this for at least two minutes. A small thick throw pillow will work just as well. Try doing some self-traction--lie on your side on the edge of your bed and let your top leg hang off. You should be able to feel it in your hip.

Lie on your back, cross your leg over your knee and stretch it. Also, bend your knees, pull in your tummy, like your navel is touching your spine, and lift your bottom. Hold for a count of 10.

You might also ask your PT or doctor to check your hips. Are your hips the same level? My right leg is off a bit, and using a lift in my shoe has helped immensely. I also have my daughter do a push once a day on a sacrum, but that is only something that should be done if your physical therapist directs and instructs.

I bought a pilates ball and that's a lot of fun to use. I got mine at barnes and noble and it came with a book and a dvd.

My biggest thing was my stance. I hurt my back when I was pregnant, pulled every muscle in it during labor. They never regained their strength, so I always stood funny, with my hips pushed back. I had to learn to pull them back, along with my tummy, and straighten out my alignment.

Like I said, check with your doctor. Make sure you get some films done. I had gone to a chiropractor originally and he made my back worse than it needed to be.

Good luck!

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