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I too have a knot and dimple, in my right butt cheek, it is so painful i can't stand to touch it. I had one doc who said it was probably from the periformis muscle, another who is not sure. All I know is that it is very painful. I was soo glad to see your post. Thanks for sharing your info!


I hope that you are still there as I have been off line of a month or two. I am been trying to find a doctor who can tell me what is wrong. I have ran the gamut. I have had the following opinions:

Osteopath: Inflammed nerve/no relief

Neurologist: Synovial cysts/ no relief

Back surgeon who does Prolotherapy: no idea/ no relief

Second Osteopath: states that it is an SI dysfunction and is setting me up with a physiotherapist

No one has determined why I have a pea sized lump in the dimple of my back. I thought that it had to do with a nerve but after researching the net I found that there is a vein that runs right where the pain is localized. It is so bad that I can't move around. When I lay down it feels like I am laying on something. It feels like I have a mass in my back on the right side in the dimple of my butt. I can actually feel the mass. It is like a tight knot. If I touch it at all I literally junp from pain.

The Neurosurgeon assured me that is was simply a synovial cysts and that if they hurt, have it taken out. I am not sure that hurting describes the pain. I can't sit down to go to the bathroom as it places pressure on the lump.

I had an MRI but they scanned the wrong area of my back. The doctor was not clear and they did an MRI of the lower spine. Now I have to have it done again.

All of the docs want to push pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs at me. It has been six months and I have not taken the pain meds. Next stop is a steroid injection in the SI joint, which I have been refusing.

At this point a bullet to the head would make more sense.

Each doctor has a different diagnoses and each one of them want to refer you to a specialist who is not covered by my insurance.

It feels to be like I have a knot in the vein in my back to my hip. I can actually move the hard knot around and it seems like it is part of a vein. At first I thought that it was part of a nerve but then it dawned on me, that is a vein. I had the same thing in my arm last year.

Do these knots move? Are they scar tissue? Are they clots? Should I be worried?

My feet are extremely cold so I know that I am not getting good circulation.

I have been assured that it is not part of my spine and that my back is fine.

Everyone is passing me around. It is not like I am asking for pain meds. I have not taken any since this began. I have my records to prove it to them. All I want are anwers.

Yesterday I lost bladder function but I thought that was only considered when you have sciatica. Two days running I have lost bladder function.

With this last doctor I had to sign a waiver that I would not sue him if anything went wrong.

If anyone has any insight, please let me know


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