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Re: Hardware Block
Apr 16, 2004
Hello Jeanne and thanks for all the helpful info - looks like our problems are about the same . Mine also has been swollen since the fusion was done . You can also see that mine is swollen just by looking . And when i sit i also have to lean forward .My back stings and the right thigh just hurts all of the time . I am going to ask my reg dr about doing that blood work on me . One time it swelled up so bad that i was sent to the ER for blood work - they thought it was infected but everything came back negative .I had to sit there for 8 hours ! It was so horrible ! The last time they did xrays - in February - i only had a spot about the size of a dime growing right above the screw heads .I go again for xrays in June .I am allergic to any sulpha based drugs so that is a big problem for me .Cant take anything for inflammation because of that reason .I saw in another post that you are also using the lydocaine patches - i have been using those also for a few monthes now . Dr told me to use ice then put one of these on . Somedays it hurts to even have the patch touching my back .Do you have that problem to ? Got to go . Have sit for to long now . Thanks again for the info .I will put you in my prayers also . Shauna

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