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Hi everyone! :wave:

I had my 1st epidural on thurs & have been trying not to write too soon afterwards because I wanted to wait & see how I was after the steroids take full effect...but that will take too long.

The procedure went well & the doc was great. I know there wasn't a dural puncture & the steroids reached all the affected areas, as I was not sedated.

I have to say I am somewhat confused. They seem to be helping with some things & not with others. I had the injection at the L5-S1 site where the impingement was on the L & R S1 roots. Overall my pain level has decreased. Except around the left S1 root I get somewhat severe pain brought about with minimal movement, but it leaves quickly. Prior to the procedure the pain I had there would last longer & throb, but it gave me a chance to get used to it. I suppose things should continue to improve or else I should rethink the 2nd injection scheduled for 1 month from now.

I guess my main problem is that my pain cycles & prior to the procedure I felt somethings were better the day before..however the week before that I was in total agony.I guees I can find comfort that the pain has not reached or exceeded the worst it can become.
How do you really know how to gauge the pain when it constantly cycles every couple of days?
Maybe the steroids are messing with my mind. [img][/img]

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