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[QUOTE=Lia813]I have this same pain. Mine started a year ago and started in the back of both calves and ran to the bottom of both feet. So painful, I could barely walk. The Dr could find nothing wrong but sent me for a test to see if I had peripheral vascular disease, where the arteries are clogged. That test came back fine so he sent me for lots of blood work as I have some autoimmune diseases and my family is rife with them ,to see if I had some new exotic disease starting up . Nope, not that either. He asked if my back hurt and I said no , so he decided it was not pain radiating from my back. I told him I was going to try a massage therapist and he agreed. I went once a week , for 45 minutes for 4 weeks. While it felt good , it did nothing for the pain. But at the end of the 4 weeks I noticed I had back pain , low back pain in those little hollows in the pelvis. I went back to the Dr and he said that the massage, the pushing and pulling of the muscles of the legs and feet must have brought out the back pain and sent me for a CT scan. At last I got a diagnosis. I have spinal stenosis, with a bulging disk between L4 and L5 and psuedoclaudication. I have the symptoms of claudication but it is false claudication , not caused by clogged arteries but by presure on the nerves from the spinal canal narrowing. My pain is constant , hurts sitting, standing or walking. It is better when I lie down but then much worse upon arising. Mine was a strange case as in it started with my calves and feet and not my back. He suggests trying chiropractic , then if that does not work , a short course of prednisone , then epidural injections and as last resort surgery. I was going to try the chiropractor in early January but was struck with an esophageal disorder which has taken up all my time and money and still is . If ever it is straightend out I will try to do something for this spinal stenosis and psuedoclaudication. That might be what you have too . You all have my sympathy as it hurts 24/7. Lia[/QUOTE]

I tried chiropractor, the injections, the pain meds, the inflamation meds. Nothing worked, I was on so many pain pills & it still hurt, I went nite after nite without sleeping. Finally I got into PT and that is what helped the most. I was totally pain free after 3 months of therapy. I figured I had nothing to lose, if that failed, surgery was still an option, but at least I wanted to try everything else first. My chiro actually told me that she didnt' want to touch me that she figured it was herniated & that she could not do anything for me. I do get it sore if I overdo, Sunday I picked up my twin grandkids & I know I should not, they are heavy, not lite weights & I got it all out of whack again. Now it will take me about 3 to 5 days of PT exercise here at home to fix it again. The exercises they teach you, you can always go back to & rely on when you get it sore again from overdoing. I wish you luck, I know the pain!!
Oh , Lori , you are in a bad way for sure. And those dogs, I just had to laugh at them whining and crying wanting out every few minutes. No way. That getting up and down is a killer. I no longer have any animals , had 3 elderly cats that have died of old age and we loved them sooooooo much but alas they cannot live forever. I don't want anymore , I just don't want the grief of losing them and it is so much easier for us to travel without worrying about them here. Not that traveling is easy for me , you know how that goes , but at least there are no live things here to worry about. Used to when we went to San Antonio to see the kids and grandkids every mo. I would leave a note on my kitchen table to the burgulars. Take everything I own but puhleeeeeeeeze don't let my cats out !! I did that , it tickled hubby to death. They were our kitty kids and we miss them still but I don't want anymore. You know it is taking every bit of strength I have to just get thru each day and sweep and dust and the like and do laundry. I have told my GF's do not email me all day long as I am simply not able to sit on here all day . It hurts too much . Do you think they get it??? NOOOOOOOOOO! There for awhile I was trying to get over here from the couch to the puter and answer them and finally I said to hell with it. We have to take care of ourselves whether anybody " gets it" or not. And you have 14 steps to your basement to do laundry ?? No way I could do that. I have not seen the upstairs of my sons home in a couple of yrs. I absolutely cannot do stairs. Did you end up going to the chiro today? I expect you did as no telling how bad off you'll be in another week as you really have it stirred up. I tell you what I have been doing , I have been alternating ice and heat down there on that low back and it feels a bit better. My chiro uses all heat on me, does yours? I quit the vinegar as I started feeling a burning in my chest other than the usual pain after swallowing so I decided I am not ready for that yet. Sticking with the 2 PPI's for now. That is better, much , though not gone of course. But I can live with it like this though no telling what 2 PPI's per day long term will do to me. Now let me tell you my NEWS. Yesterday I felt a small change. Baby steps. My left leg hurt less sitting , hurts the same standing or walking , but definitely less sitting. So I believe small changes are happening. It is the first improvement anywhere that I have had. I did my 8 minute walk already today and it is still that screaming, burning pain in my calves and feet each step of the way but I am determined to stick it out. Also still no crossing my legs at feet or ankles though I want to soooooo bad. He said that is OUT for good. But I can extend one leg off and on while sitting as long as I keep one foot flat on the floor. I am beginning to have a little hope that at least this pain will get to a lesser degree. I hope you are in good enough shape to go on the boat this weekend. It sounds lovely and comfortable . Who knows about the weather , it is supposed to rain here Sunday but probably won't happen until after we have killed ourselves walking and dragging the hose. We must water as it is big time dry here. Can't trust the weather man.Sigh. Lia
Hi LIa, yes I did go to the chiro, I woke up in horrible pain, from my lower spine radiating to both hips. She said the spine feels good, I said "yeah to you". I am not much better. I have been on the heating pad all nite. I had to break down & take vioxx, plus tylenol & it knocked me out for 4 hours, i went to bed to sleep. I think the couch has too much give for my back, so I decided to lay in the bed. Can't say I'm any better. I'll either end up back in PT or surgery this time. I'm a total mess. The pain is horrible.
The chiro thinks it's muscular from the adjustments, we'll see. I doubt it.
How can the spine feel good to her & horrible to me. I was better when I wasn't resting. I started Saturday last week, staying off my feet & have felt worse everyday since. She said I should alternate between laying, sitting and a little walking.
I don't have much hope of going to anymore sales this summer, I think that's out for me, it may take months again to get this fixed, last time it took 3 full months at pt.
I am giving it til next tues. as no docs are in til then anyway, then will request pt again. My yard is beautiful from all my work, but I sure am paying a high price for it. All that hauling pea gravel bags & potting soil did it. I should have known better, but I dearly love to work in the yard.
Guess that is out for me from now on too. Not many pleasures left for us in this world, are there????? Can you tell I'm also very depressed???

My hubby has been doing the laundry, no way can I do the stairs right now. He cooked supper too tonite & straightened up the house. He knows the routine, we've been thru this many times before. He is good about helping though, thank GOD!

I may be able to lay on the boat this weekend, but not anything else. My d-in-law & I switch off doing the food for each day on the boat, but I told hubby that he & she will have to decide what we're eating as I cannot stand that long to cook anything. So far we've just been doing sandwiches, til the weather settles with no threats of rain, then we cook out at the marina. the g-kids think it's time to eat as soon as they get on the boat, so we carry lots of snack food, fruit & other snacks. They eat constantly & then at time to eat a meal, they are full!!
I guess it's the fresh air that makes them hungry.
I am down about this, I was so much better after my first adjustment & seem to be going downhill & haven't done a thing to injure it further.
Glad you are seeing improvement, even a little makes you have hope for more. I, on the other hand am going downhill.
talk to you later, can't sit here too long either. I just don't answer my emails if i dont' have time, everyone knows about my back & they keep writing, i guess they don't know or understand how sore we are!!!
later, lori

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