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Yes Lori, my son is a psychologist and his wife is too ! I cannot imagine him as a psychologist myself but I don't tell him that. For one he has little patience with imperfection and I cannot see him dealing with folks with mental problems. His wife on the other hand is a saint. She is is so kind and calm and patient and the perfect wife and mother. Everyone who knows her says if they could think of the one person they know who is the perfect wife it is her, and that includes my own husband ! My son has seen a psychologist himself. I tell you the psychologists seem to be as nutty as the rest of us and maybe more so from listening to problems all day long ! heehee. It is no fun truly having a psychologist in the family as everything you say and do is analyzed and looked askance at. Quite often I tell him when he is being so overly analytical , that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ! I know what you mean about them making their kids that way, he has a daughter that is a perfectionist as well, cries like the world is ending if she makes a B instead of an A ! At least your son has a therapist he relates well too and feels comfortable with. I don't know that mine sees a therapist anymore, he doesn't mention it and I don't ask ! I've got a full plate up here myself with all these pains ! Ah the esophagus trouble, I just don't know. All I know is that the Barrium Swallow showed a LARGE mass or ulceration and yet the endoscopy showed nothing. Now all that time I could not swallow without bad pain , not even water and that continues to this day. I agree with you if it is caused by Fosamax then I'd say that is chemically induced and it should show some erosion or irritation or something. I don't know, I have no answers yet. I ate a banana last nite and I told my husband that I really thought I was gonna die. My stars at the pain from the chest to behind both breasts to the upper back to the arms to the throat, jaw and ears. It all went on for about 15 minutes after the last bite of banana. I won't be eating another one of those. I don't think I grit or grind my teeth unless I do it in the nite. I just don't know if TMJ might play a part or not. My sciatica was BAD yesterday too especially on the right side , but then my legs and feet hurt all day everyday but this was particularly the sciatic pain yesterday. I wonder if rain had anything to do with it. We got 5 inches of rain which we really needed but it does tend to increase my pain level. I'm in Central TX , west of Waco. What area of the country are you in ? Lia
Hi Lia, I know it gets expensive, but I think he's on the right track. I have heard that vinegar is a great natural cure for many ills. Most chiros are into natural rememdies. I think he is right, that you will hurt for a while in different places til he gets your back where it should be. I was sore friday after my adjustment & by today it was much better, so I guess it just has to settle down after each adjustment. My lower spine was out pretty bad today & I have been grounded. No riding the mower, no vacuuming, mostly laying with ice. I'm undoing everything she is doing for me when I come home & do things like that. Soooo, I have a book to read, have a comfy couch in the sunroom & a nice new tv there too, so I am set to rest for the rest of the week.
hubby had to cut the grass & vacuum tonite, but he didn't mind, he's been this routine with me before with my back.
it was cool here today, only got to 70 & I think a north wind, now it's down to 50. Looks like a cool & rainy memorial weekend for us! We may get one nice day on the boat, the weathermen are not always right!

I have to cancel my pdoc appt. for wednesday, as that hour drive each way would kill my back. If i had someone to drive me, then I could recline the passenger seat & I could do it, but not drive it myself. I am going back on Wed. as my chiro will be off friday & monday. she only works mon, wed & fri as she has a new baby (her first). I don't blame her, she wants to spend time with him. She has him at her office all day, the secretary is duo secretary & nanny for now! LOL
I think your chiro is helping you, I know you'll give it a chance, like else an we do & the lucky thing for you is he is not far away as most of the choices you have.
My son swears by a vitamin from my chiro, he has been out of them for quite a while & says he notices a difference. he wants me to pick some up for him on wednesday. he thought he could find them cheaper online but says by the time he pays shipping, it's more expensive.
I was told years ago, by chiro & PT not to cross my legs. It's very hard for me not too, that's how I sit all the time. I also am not doing my exercises for the disc right now, going to get this sciatica under control first & then worry about the disc. She is also working on that & it's feeling better.

Guess we're both pretty much grounded~~~!!!!When do you go back? You won't have to go twice a week forever, when mine was bad years ago, they would have me come everyday the first week. I go twice or 3 times now as needed then once they get it better it will get lesser, once a week then every 2 weeks & then finally probably once a month & then I'll feel fine & quit going which is my biggest mistake. I think I need to keep a regular schedule with her from now on, pain or not!
At least he's being totally honest with you & I do think once your back is in place, it will help other things that may have been painful & you didnt' even realize due to the pain in the esoph & the legs & feet.
Heck the heat & massage feel good anyway! LOL
What would a massage therapist cost?
How is the esoph today? I know you said it's much better, that is such a relief, I hope all this is going to be your answer. Just to get rid of that pain would be such a blessing!
talk to you later, can't be on here long. lori j

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