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Hi, Lori, I know what you mean. I absolutely feel like a hypochondriac a lot of the time too as I never get anything that gets well or that has a cure or that needs just one course of meds and then it is over with. I get stuff that is for life and requires maintenance meds forever. It is just crazy for all this stuff to have started in my 40's. My family though is rife with autoimmune disease and I blame lots of my ailments on that .Unfortunately my mother died at a young age , 58. She was exactly 6 mos. older than I am right now ! She was not ill long, hospitalized for about 2 weeks with severe stomach pain, dehydration ,etc. That was in 1971 however and medical care was not what it is today. The official cause of death per autopsy was pseudomembraneous enteriocolitis. My dad lived to age 77 but had a lot of ailments that I have today. My brother has RA , 2 of his daughters have Hashimotos and one has Graves. My sister has Fibro. I have Graves and LS ( an autoimmune skin disorder ) , my daughter has Lupus and Hashimotos , my granddaughter has Asthma and LS and she is 7 yrs old. These are by no means our only ailments but they are all the autoimmune ones so far. As to my esophagus , I had a terrible stabbing pain in my left side of my throat for about 2 weeks after the endoscopy but all this chest and upper back pain and swallowing difficulties has been there since Jan. 1. I go for their tests, take their meds and do not get a bit better. I have more dreaded tests ahead of me with it as I can't live like this , not forever. I do not take antidepressants or anti anxiety drugs but I should be. I take so many pills I just am afraid to add more and it is all so costly. Already I take 2 for the BP, one ( nasal spray ) for osteoporosis , Vioxx for arthritis, Synthroid for thyroid , Prosom for sleep and now Aciphex and Prilosec and whatever else for Esophagus . I'm doing nothing yet for my back and legs and feet . I also have high cholesterol and cannot take statins , they almost killed my thigh muscles, so it continues to climb. Trying to get this esophagus fixed before I move on to the back but that is looking like a lost cause. Indeed, it is no wonder we are depressed and anxious. It does help to talk about it to people who understand what we are going through ! Lia
Lori , I am so glad you got to the chiro and got some help. What a relief and also to have more instruction on how to do your exercises the correct way. After another visit on Monday you should be good to go. I expect you will need it after the sales you are gonna hit today. I bet you find some great deals. Thank goodness you went to the chiro otherwise you would have been miserable and probably had to give up and go home during the middle of it. I woke up this morning with my low back hurting so bad I thought I'd die and usually it is the legs and feet that hurt way more than the back but not this morning. It is beter now , I am always very stiff in the morning but today was big time pain along with it. I'm afraid that I am not gonna make it giving up the PPI's like Kate did. Of course I thought they were not helping BUT after a couple of days off them I thought I was gonna die. Late yesterday and all last nite my esophagus and chest and upper back hurt so much ALL THE TIME, not just on swallowing , that I had to break down and take a PPI this morning. While I do not see that they help with the swallowing or chest pain perhaps they have been keeping it from hurting 24/7 . At least it is only when I swallow before , even though , I am talking even swallowing water. That is better than solid pain with no relief between swallows. No I have no pain pills , unless you count Vioxx. The Drs have never given me any . Of course I have Tylenol, Aleve, Excedrin and the like but don't touch pain for me. I just suffer. Anyway I tried and I will be forced to call the GP next week and they will set up the manometry. I tried so hard to get out of it but I can't deal with this much longer. 4 and 1/2 mos. later of strict Dr compliance and Barrium Swallow and endoscopy and umpteen pills and I am right back where I started. I give up , will go for the manometry though I am scared of it .It is just time to do something. I've got ice on my back now and dreading trying to swallow lunch . Let me know how you come out today and again I am delighted your back is so much better. You had it all messed up from that gardening ! Lia

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