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[QUOTE=Brooke79]Dear moonlight,

Hi, how are you? You're very lucky that you've not had to have surgery yet. You're absolutely right, try all the natural methods first.
I tried everything for 3 years and the first 2 years were great but toward then end my abilities fast declined.

It sounds as if these tv and tape workouts seem to agree well with you. It seems a lot of the time people do these workouts on tape and tv and sometimes can do damage to their otherwise injury free body because there is no face to face with anyone who is qualified to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly. I know my mum wanted to do beginner yoga on the tv and there was no way i would let her, she has very little knowledge of exercise and i could see an accident coming on.

As i said, these seem to be working for you so as long as you feel fine, go for it :) Just remember though when sitting there is 150% pressure on the spine. To then apply weight in your upper body (resistance bands or free weights) will add to that pressue because your abdominals and obliques remains moderately relaxed due to the seated position. Can you perhaps modify these resistance exercises laying down or standing up?

I dont mean to interfere with your exercise regime, just some advise.



I tried to answer your questions by highlighting, but didn't work, so:

I am hoping that what I am doing will work. I may be fooling myself though. My back is killing me today. I think that it is because I have not done stairs today.

I am sure that surgery is in the future for me. I am so happy that they have these boards so I can get an informed opinion.

I had my back doctor show me exactly how and what I could do. I am not to try to bend over at all or to twist. This is why I am working on my hams by putting them up on a table or using a band on my legs as my hams ar too tight and pulling on my lower back. One of my friends is a physical therapist and another has taught Yoga for years. So: Disclaimer: If you are doing exercises by tape or tv, have a doctor or physical therapist show you what you can and can't do.

The exercise ball tape has beginnger, middle and advanced. I do the beginner and do other things when they do things that I can't do.

As for Yoga, same thing. I have a personal program that I can do.

The lady on tv is set up for people who are injured or are not able to do floor work. I know that my mom can no longer get up and down off of the floor so she is going to do strength training and then back to floor exercises.

First I work out with the fit and fifty club on tv (which is pretty strenous) and then I move on to the lady in the chair who does thing very slowly. I find that she does things in a mode that would be easy for a person who is eighty to do. We have a large number of older people in our population.

The sitting program only lasts one half of an hour. I also do the floor stuff with bands laying down.

Thank you, sincerely, for your concern and I hope that no one reads this and thinks that all exercise is good for everyone. Everyone needs to have someone, hopefully their doctor, show them what they can and can't do.

It took me awhile to realize that you have to really watch every movement. I bought back supports for the car, stay off of the couch and only sit in the right chairs, and never, never, twist and bend at the waist, especially at the same time. Getting in and out of the car is a feat in itself as I had to learn to do it correctly, same as getting out of bed or off of the floor. So often we just do something out of habit and then get hurt and have to learn new habits.


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