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when did you have your surgery and what did you have done? fusion or just a hemi?

I can see why Brooke says walking outdoor is better than the treadmill, you use other muscles, but if you can't do it outside a treatmill is great. As long as you walk.

I tried Yoga, I couldn't do any of the bending, but there were other exercises I could do. Then when the people went back to the bending, I did stretches and more stretches. I was a little sore after the class, but I went to the Jacuzzi and I was back like new.

I am so glad you are free of pain Jill. That is great. I get sad when I hear that some people had failed surgeries. I hope mine soon will be a 100% success! :angel:


I had a microdiscectomy. I was actually lucky because there was enough space between the vertebrae that the dr. did not even have to do a laminectomy to get his tools in to remove the disk. I think I had more back trauma from standing on one leg and walking with a limp for over a year than the actual surgery.

Every day without pain is a great day :D It is amazing the little things you start to appreciate after going through something like this.
Jill :wave:

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