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I'm 45 yrs old women & I've been having problems for quite a long time waking up with terrible pain in my hips and my back thru out the night/morning. Sometimes the pain in my back is so bad in the morning I can't move or hardly breath. I've tried sleeping with a foam wedge it helps reduce the pain. Our bed is very comfortable but not as soft as I like so I even added 4 inches of foam rubber to my side of the bed softer, but it didn't help. I have slept in hotel beds and in our recliner without any problems. I've also slept on our couch sometimes without any pain other times waking in agony. I've talked to my doctor and she just writes it all off to the mild arthritis I have in my spine/neck. I can't hardly believe mild arthritis would hurt so much that it would cause movement and breathing to be so difficult and painful. Once I manage to get up and move around for a while the pain eases off. I don't like sleeping on my back which causes me to wake up a lot yet the only time I can sleep without pain 100% of the time is in our recliner. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about this conditon, I'm open to any or all idea's. Thanks

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