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Re: Sciatic pain
Apr 18, 2004
Thankyou everyone, since I posted this the burning and pain has gotten much worse, the entire foot burned and throbbed enough last night I had to take something to get to sleep, today the left thigh and left shin area burns as well, almost duplicate of the right leg and foot. with my spine history I'm going to make an appointment with my neurologist tomorrow to find out what is goin on with my nerves there in my lower back, I have radiculopathy but it could be getting worse. My right foot kind of tingles and burns and that worries me about my spine, at first I thought it may be ostoarthritis as I do have mild OA in the toes but I don't think that would also go up my ankle and shin etc, more like going toward that area from the back. Thanks again at least I know others have to deal with this hot topic as well.

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