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I've never posted to this board but have several questions for you all...
I was dx with Scoliosis when I was 13 and had a chest x-ray done for bronchitis.. The doctor gave me a booklet of excersizes and that was it. I am now 32 and live with constant back pain. My father had his first back surgery at 36 from a ruptured disc. From there on they just kept rupturing. 6 back surgeries and a spinal fusion later...he's doin ok!

The last x-ray I had a few years back at a chiropractor's office looked, to me anyway, pretty bad. I do not know to what degree my curvature is but my spine looked really crooked. It worried me so I asked the "doctor" about it and he just recommended I see him 3-4 times a week so he could pop my back and collect $175. I quit after about 3 weeks due severe headaches he was giving me and no money! So my question now is do I just have to live with this and wait for it to get so bad I need surgery like my Dad? My left hip and leg hurt so bad some days that I literally can't get up from a sitting position without falling. I can't move myself around in the bed at night by my legs because it hurts so bad. My PCP precribed me a bunch of pain meds that I hate to take due to side effects and recommended 3 days a week physical therapy. I haven't done this yet though because I wonder if it will really work and be worth my time off work and the money it will cost. My back also hurts in between my shoulder blades which I figured was due to the spine curvature (I have a "hump" in my back that is all the way over to the right side of my shoulder). Has anyone else here with scoliosis noticed EVERY left part of their body is totally different/larger/smaller/whatever from the right side? I wonder even sometimes if scoliosis is the cause of so many of my "ob/gyn" problems. How common is it for women who have scoliosis to have endo or infertility problems also? Just a thought.....

Also, my 11 yo son has been dx with I guess we are just passing this mess along....what can I do for him that might prevent what I'm going through now??? Sorry so long but thanks for any help!
I read your post and worry that you haven't seen a spine specialist. You need to see a good spine doctor, preferably one who specializes in scoliosis. Chiro's and medical doctors are not going to help you. I am 27 and had a complete thoracic fusion due to scoliosis when I was 17. That hump you explain is called rib hump and usually when that is prominent it needs not to be taken lightly.
There is a bright side, I don't mean to scare you but this is totally fixable with fusion. I have two rods in my back each about 12 inches long. You are young enough now that your recovery won't be complicated. I have spoken with many who have had surgery at 50-60 years old and have had so many difficulties because of their heart and lungs and their fusion not taking.
I had no problems with my surgery and did very well. My curvature was between 50-60 degrees. I know that is right on the edge when they try to decide if surgery is the right step to take. It was a big decision I remember because you take the chance of it progressing and eventually it could have damaged my heart and lungs. I am glad I went through with it if not I would be very deformed and it would be awful I just know.
Right now, I have 4 vertebre left in my lumbar that are not fused and they are causing me problems. I might eventually have to have an extension on my fusion. I have the major hip pain too as I keep tearing my disc. My doctor explained that the curve and fusion puts pressure on my free vertebre and discs causing them to tear and herniate. Besides the fact that healthy and bad discs are inherited also. Some peoples disc rupture easier than other and some people have nice plump ones that are healthy and never cause a problem.
I have this problem because of my own fault or a combination of the two. I didn't take care of my back, always thinking I was free of scoliosis and "fixed". Didn't want to face the fact I had a back problem thinking I was invisible. Simply doing things I shouldn't have and was told not to do.
Don't be afraid and I don't mean to scare you but, it will only progress causing further problems and surgery can take care of all that. I have spoken to others in their 30's & 40's even some 50's who have gone through with it and say it is the best thing they have ever done! I did have opposite sides of my body being deformed I was totally crooked and one should was higher, none of my cloths fit right I remember. I don't have that problem now. It is important that you take care of it as soon as possible.
I wish you all the best!!!!! I know you'll be fine!
If you have any more questions, just ask!

Christina [img][/img]

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