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Glad to hear you are feeling good bro. I had the lam/discectomy on Jan. 26th on the L5/S1 for a 15mm herniation that was just crushing my nerve root. The pain was absolutely crippling. I could not walk more than a few yards before Id have to crouch down in an attempt to relieve it. Im 34 years old and was able to get around very well after a couple of weeks. In fact, I moved across the country at that time. When you start feeling better be sure you are conscientious of the fact you just had surgery. No freakin bending, twisting etc. The pain at the incision goes away pretty quick as does that egg from swelling. My nerve pain has just recently subsided so dont be discouraged if you are still having leg and butt pain for a while. The nerves are extremely slow in healing. Unfortunatly in my case I now have foot drop caused by the L4/L5 disc herniating on the right side so Im looking at a fusion on Tuesday. Im kinda bummed that Im having to have another back surgery so soon but hopefully it will reverse this foot drop. If you experience this problem do not let it go thinking it will go away. Ive had it for around four weeks now and its likely irreversable now but I am hoping that a fusion will work. Foot drop is basically a paralysis of the foot with accompanying pain and numbness. The foot drags when walking and I cant raise my foot or toes. Its really freakin scary actually because eventually the muscle will waste away as well. Good luck on your recovery and Ill keep you posted on mine.

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