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Icmiller and Karla~

Lisa you are right about the healing of a nerve that has been compressed. I hear from my surgeon and a few other doctors and then again in one of my classes. It takes a nerve that has been compressed (injured) a month per inch to heal. Yes, that is a long time. So the way I look at it by the time I leave this Earth all my nerves (compressed ones) will be healed. Wow just in time hey? Sorry for the bit of humor. I hope it was taken as funny. :D

Karal~ I understand the numb left foot thing you are going through. When I first had big time lumbar problems (7 years ago). Tomorrow will be the 6 year anniversary of my first lumbar surgery. Any way I first went to see an ortho. and he did the ESI three in all and then told me to wait a year. Well, I didn't know any better nor did the pt I was going to. I waited! Now 7 years later I cannot feel the left side, half of the bottom, and up to my left ankle. It is not totally numb it is the loss of the sensory nerves. It's as bad as when I walk I always feel like I am not standing on a flat surface. It feels really painful when I tough that area too. It feels like it is always burning. Very strange. I am so sorry I waited. I love the Neurosurgeon I have now. He will not wait any longer then 6 months when nerves are being compressed.

My surgeon now has done all three of my lumbar surgeries (two of them this year) and will now be doing my cervical fusion on Saturday.

Karla ~ Do you suffer at all "dropfoot"? I don't I was just wondering if that was you at all.

Remember there may be swelling from the surgery now that could be causing this. What type of surgery did you just have? I had my second Microdisectomy in Jan of this year and it failed two weeks post op. When I say failed I mean that the disc was so weak from the two Micro's with only 20% of the disc left that the remaining disc collapsed. June 19 of this year I had a two level fusion. I am doing GREAT now. I mentioned this because prior to the collapse I always had only symptoms on the left and after I had as you "both legs and feet."

If I were you give it only two more weeks maximum then call your doctor again. If it doesn't feel right to you then it isn't right. You know your body better then anyone and you have the right to say something just as you have the right to be scared because of the loss of feeling in your left foot. Like I said I was right where you are. Your doctor should understand how you feel and be willing to listen to you and also do all he can to stop the right foot from any permanent damage.

OK, I guess I said enough. I am in the mood to talk you see. :D

I am here any time if either of you need to talk.

Shirl [img][/img]

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