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Hi Mary & Rob, :wave:

Well, this is my first time back here on the boards, since I posted the above message.
I still haven't read a single posting, since a few days ago, I will have to catch up on that on Sunday, for sure [img][/img]
I have missed you all, and have had you in my thoughts.

I have been really sick since about 2:00 A.M. last night, I will explain in a minute.

Rob & Mary,

Yes, I had a great time last night, we were at the bar from 6:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M.(Early night for me) !
I actually bowled better than anybody else all night, so I won a few beers & shots.

I had about six Labatt's Blue Light Beers, and three shots of 100 proof Rumple Mintz (Peppermint Schnapps).
It was the best I felt in a long time, way better than the pills, when I started to feel a little wired, I told my husband it was time to go home, and we left that very minute.
I didn't take any meds prior though, or after I got home, just like the doctor requested.

I went to sleep at 9:30 P.M. and woke up at 12:00 A.M.
Even though I only got 2 1/2 hours of sleep, it was the best sound sleep I have had since 12/6/02.
When I woke up, I felt as if I hadn't touched a drop of alcohol, so no hangover to worry about.


Hi There, how are you doing ?
When did you get home from the hospital ?
I missed you so much [img][/img]

I apologize if you already posted, but I was unable to sit at the computer until just now. (I will explain)
I have thought about you every day since we last spoke.
I hope you are not in too much pain, what do you have for meds ?
I hope you don't encounter the same same problems with sleep as I have.
When you feel up to it, please tell me everything about how the surgery went, and how you feel now.
How long is your incision ?
I am so very happy to see you posting so early, so that must be a good sign for sure ! [img][/img]

O.K. here is the bad news, it is constipation related, so I apologize to all, if you don't want to hear this, please don't read this part. (It's gross)
Then again, I hope it's o.k. seeing how this a health board, and we can all have this happen at some point.

I have been taking the percocet, as well as the ambien, which the percocet, has a very high rate of constipation problems, as well as on Tuesday, started to take iron pills, calcium, multi- vitamins ,echinacea, and added a stool softener also.

Well, needless to say, I have spent just about all night and all day in the bathroom crying my eyes out, since 2:00 A.M. last night. I was so very sick, and am so very exhausted at this point !

Mainly the percocet and the other extra added stuff I mentioned, really did a job on me.
Not only was I constipated, I had a very large bowel impaction that was so large, the body just couldn't push it out.
I have one child, and thank god he was delivered by c-section, because I think this pain had to feel just like natural child birth, except the other area is not made to handle such large impactions, if you know what I mean.
Even though I was taking the stool softener since Tuesday, I had no advance notice that something like this was going on inside me.
I did have a 35 minute very painful bowel movement I think on Wednesday, but nothing since then, even using the stool softener.

I placed a call to the "nurse on call" service through my health ins. carrier, which is BC/BS.
I was too embarrassed to call my primary doc, and I also didn't want to bother her so late in the evening.
She has four children, and needs her sleep. She works so very hard, and if she wasn't on call last night, I also didn't want to bother anybody else that late.

The nurse advised me of many options, one was to go to the E.R. and have the doc put on the rubber gloves and as she said, "dig it out". No way was that going to happen, I couldn't even touch myself any longer, so there was no way a doctor was touching me !
They would have had to knock me out if I agreed to that, and I know they wouldn't do that, not to mention, I could never have even lasted the car ride to the hospital !

So what we decided, was to just keep taking several more stool softeners, and live in the bathroom, and just to keep releasing a little at a time. She said it would be a long painful process with such a large impaction, but it would work, if I could handle the pain. She was so very supportive. I also had to drink tons of water, which helped loosen things up and make me go several more attempts, whether I wanted to push or not.
I even had to use my cell phone to call her from the bathroom !
She also mentioned using an enema, but, there was no way I could handle inserting that !

She was correct, I said here before, the fusion pain was the worst pain I could ever imagine in life, well I lied, this pain was the absolute worst in the world !!

I was really crying in so much pain for way too many hours than I like to think about.
I almost passed out several times, I had the chills, then was burning up. What a thing to have to go through, especially on top of recovering from back surgery.

It was so very painful, especially seeing how my incision, starts at the very top of the butt crack !
My back was in so much severe pain from sitting so long, and from having to keep standing up to keep the circulation working in my legs.
My feet and legs, were again all numb and tingling, just like the other day when I had the 35 minute visit to the bathroom, from the long sitting position.

Thank god I have one of those donut seat cushions, it is very hard to sit right now, but it feels so much better sitting on the donut cushion.
Not as much pressue on the butt !

I wasn't able to do the sitz bath, because I can only shower at this point. No baths allowed this soon.
I was advised to use the moisture heating pad, that did help some, I also sat on an ice pack today, to find some relief. It felt so good on the butt, I think I will try it again as soon as I finish this posting.
It's a good thing the doc had me switch to heat yesterday, for the back swelling, so I was able to address both problems at once, seeing how my incision runs along both problem areas.

I have not taken a single pain med since early yesterday morning, I am not willing to try any other pills at this point.
I will double up on the Ambien tonight, and see if it works for me this time.
At least if I can sleep, I won't be feeling the pain as much.

Tomorrow, I will go out and buy all sorts of fiber foods, and to be sure to take at least three of the stool softeners a day.
I would really prefer to use the food for fiber, rather than to add a fiber med. I am so sick of meds.
I was only taking one stool softener a day, prior to this problem, if I took more, I probably wouldn't be going throug this.
I think the worst part is over now, although I still have some left, but i don't have to go as often.

I'm sorry for dumping this, on all of you, but I really needed to talk to somebody tonight.

I hope I can at least help one person who may be taking percocet now, or similar meds., as well as stress the importance of taking the stool softener early on.

I don't have any enemy's, but if I did, I wouldn't wish this painful experience on them ever !!

Well, I hope you are all having a fun weekend, and are pain free.

I am going to get my ice out now and sit on it, as well as have the heating pad on my back to address the swelling, at the same time.

Please stay healthy, and have a good weekend.
I will catch up on all of the other postings I missed, between tonight, Sunday & Monday, as I see I missed so much.

I hope I can find some good news in your postings, because that would really make me so very happy to see somebody else find pain relief.
I feel like I died and came back from all of this pain !

Take Care,

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