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Well I started my water therapy last night and I tell ya. It was a very pleasant experience. Not only did I get to get out of the house BY MYSELF (which I thought was the BEST part of all :D , but I got to relax in the jacuzzi and sauna when I was done. My PT was great, and by the way he agreed that my old ortho doc was a pompous A$$ (my words not his). heehee . anyway I did some free floating with some floaty belt thingies and a noodle. It was wonderful, I even felt no pain. Then he made me do some exercises in the water. I did well with most of them , but I couldnt do the "scissors one" without pain so he told me to stop. Then after my exercises, he sent me off to the jacuzzi for a nice long soak . Oh it was wonderful :) Then i went in the sauna for a while. I will be doing this twice a week for 2 more weeks then I will get re-evaluated. Now when I got home I was very sore. I had to lay on my belly with a heating pad for a while. But today when I woke up I was not in so much pain. I really think this will help me. And my sessions are at 7:30 at night. Which means I get to get out of the house by myself [img][/img] maybe I will just prolong my "after" therapy jacuzzi time so the kids will be asleep when I get back ;). heehee this may turn out to be a good thing all around . Bye for now. :wave: OH and PS only 3 more days till new doc appt!!!!!!!!!!! almost there!! Thank god.


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