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I just came back from my ortho dr and he is sending me to a neuro-muscular specialist. I have a degenerative L5-S1 disc, but my main problem are the incredible muscle spasms I have in my mid and upper back. In fact, I lived with the disc pain for over a year and was able to handle that until this whole muscle thing started up. My drs do not think it is related to my disc. In fact, my orhto said he had never seen someone with DDD have the kind of muscle spasms I have. They believe it is a separate entity at this point. I am on baclofen, which helps some. I also stretch and try to get a hot jacuzzi bath each night, but nothing helps. In fact, the few times I went for a massage (a very light one) I end up in bed for a few days in worse pain. I have been tested 3 times for autoimmune or inflammatory disorders, but it always comes back negative. Anyone have experience with this? Anyone been to a neuro-muscular dr for their pain? Any suggestions what this could be? I am running out of thought.

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