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I am new to this particular board and hope someone has some input on this as I have some questions. I thank you ahead of time for listening and for any input you have.

Some background first : I first had an incident of my back "going out" 2 years ago in March. I leaned over to get something and could not get up. Went to therapy for it and t did not seem like a big deal at the time nor last long.
I then had another problem last June. But it was different in that it started where my upper thigh or hip area was , bothering me when I'd go to use that leg to walk around and by the end of the week , I could not get out of a chair at one point and was on the floor that night crawling to bed. I had xrays and tests done and they determined that I have severe osteoarthritis more so than is usual for my age (50 as of 3 weeks ago). He said that it might have been from a childhood injury. Anyway, I did go to therapy again, more of it and longer time. I was also given some pain meds and valium to relax the muscle when I was going thru that which I just used at the time of the incident for a bit.

Since that time my back was doing better and I was about to resume my preferred exercise activity (Jazzercize) in Aug/Sept. when I had a flare up of tendinitis in my ankle. I have injured that ankle many times since I was a kid and most recently a few years ago on the tennis court and evidently scar tissue has built up and the post tibialis tendon has been compromised, making that arch on my left foot more flattened. I am now wearing orthodics and an air brace when doing any kind of heavy duty walking or at work. I will not have to wear the air brace permanently but it is just to help make the ankle stronger and prevent injury right now. I am doing exercises for the ankle along with my back also and going to the gym and using the bike and doing some weights and as of this past month returned to Jazzercize once to twice a week. The dr feels due to my ankle flare up it has affected my back as I am walking differently of course and this makes sense. So now the back has flared up more.

Anyway, I have been seeing a chiropractor now for my back and at times he says my pelvis is unaligned (which I was told in therapy) and I am also locked in certain areas (L 4 and 5 sometimes I think) .My question firstly is concerning this :

Because of the pelvis being unaligned and the back problems I have also noticed my abdominal muscles sometimes aggravated at that time . The gyn and the dr both said that since my pelvis and back are out of whack so to speak that that is affecting the muscles in my abdomen as that is all connected and those of course are connected to the intestines making things act up at times.

My questions are, does anyone else notice with back problems that you have that area affected and feel "yucky" in general at times due to that. It is not a digestive problem, I can eat fine and am not bothered by that. It is just that things get very tight there muscle wise and then my intestines seem to act up. (not always but I notice it more with these back issues) Especially around my period , which is my next question:

For women with back problems, is your back problem worse around then? and if you are in perimenopause which I am, is it worse for you with your back now?

The gyn said that the perimenopause can affect the gastrointestinal area anyway and with the complications of the back/pelvis problems that it aggravates it and the ab. muscles. I do notice it to be all connected to my cycle and mostly it is just that the abdominal muscles get very tight when the hip and back act up. It seems to be more of a muscle problem than anything.

My doctor said that any time one is getting used to orthodics also or having feet problems in general it will throw the back off of course and hence the flare ups I have had with extra aches with my back. He also reiterated that the back/hip area where I have the problem also is connected to the ab muscles and it all does relate as far as feeling twinges or achiness but when I am feeling these twinges it is hard to separate them and not see them all as one.

The doctor did give me Xanax which I have taken when I have flown as I am a nervous flyer. Before this I was taking the valium now and then as that was given for my back and it seems to help my anxiety of course too. But I of course do not want to take it all the time and do not. He said I can take the Xanax 2-3 times a week for anxiety and hopefully that will relax my muscles.

I am starting a Pilates program via a dvd tape I got and hopefully that will strengthen my abs as they sure need it and I know that is a key to back strength.

Oh, the doctor also gave me Bextra to take for flare ups for my back and don't know if anyone else is taking that. It is an antiinflammatory . He said it will help with cramps also. My gyn on the other hand prescribed Ponstel an anitinflammatory for my cramps and said it would help with my back!! So I can take that (not together) if I want). It makes my head spin all these different types of meds for it.

Anyway as I said I know this is a long post and thanks for listening to it. Any input or similar experience would be appreciated.

Thanks again,


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