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Aloha Standingman,

Really, you should not have asked why! Put your reading glasses on, and make sure you have enough ambient light, because this read is going to take a while.

No other reason than your basic curiosity. I’ll elaborate a little bit, although I did say that I did not want to stray too far from your original topic, but you had to ask why! :nono: Big mistake! On the other hand, it does kind of correlate with the choice aspect I was referring to earlier, and, come to think of it; I would liken this to a “racket” also.

Even though you said that your private insurance company pays for most of your costs relating to your treatment, and most likely, I would assume, most of your prescription needs, in the W/C world, which I live in, all of my doctor’s have been generous with the mighty pen and prescription pad. Since the date of my original injury, my doctor’s have prescribed well over a dozen different medications to me. Most of them with mild to moderately annoying side effects, a couple of them have given me horrific side effects, and one I had an excruciating reaction to. Trial and error run amok!

You only have to watch one 1-hour television program to know that prescription medicine is a multi billion-dollar business, meaning that you’ll probably see 6 or 7 commercials, if not more, from drug companies. I know I am probably going to lose most of you due to my rambling, but I want to make my point.

My very first doctor appointment after my injury and also before I filed a W/C claim for my injury, was to my PCP through my employer provided health insurance (HMO). He asked, “Where does it hurt?” and bada bing, he prescribed Motrin 800 and Flexeril and told me "I’ll see ya in a week". I paid my usual $10.00 co-payment for the doctor and $5.00 co-payment per prescription and went home. On the receipt I noticed that the total charge for the Flexeril was about $11.00 for 30 tabs ($.37 per tab). After I filed my W/C claim very soon after, a different doctor also prescribed Flexeril to me. Due do an oversight by the pharmacist, I seen what the insurance company was going to be charged from the paperwork that came with my meds, and the price was $98.00 for 60 tabs ($1.63 per tab). [B]Can you say Racket?[/B] That was the one and only time I seen any prices listed on the paperwork that came with my meds.

Choices, choices, choices, if you have good health insurance and / or you have deep pockets, you have a lot of choices. It’s the same with PT, SSI’s, imaging, etc. If you are under the W/C net you usually take what you can get, be happy with what you do get (or get a lawyer) :) and there are no charges. But sometimes, I believe this entails unnecessary meds that the insurance companies are being overcharged for, because this is the least aggressive approach to treatment which is what the insurance companies like. Does that make any sense…I don’t know, maybe it’s my medication.

Anyway, having said all that, the reason I asked you what, if any meds you are taking was again out of curiosity, as you are dealing with you’re injury with your private insurance company and…and…well now I guess I forgot, due to all of my rambling, :confused: I think I just wanted a comparison from what your doctors may have prescribed to you and if costs or personal choices you may have been afforded, affected the way you were treated with medications, unlike the lack of choices I had with the W/C system. I really did have a choice wether or not I wanted to take the medications I guess. But, for the most part, my pain did override any choice for not taking any at all.

It was also curious that you brought up narcotics and Neurontin as you said that you are not taking these, because I am. Have you read some of my other posts? Because I don’t remember mentioning Neurontin, narcotics or any other meds I may be taking, but I will now. I am currently still taking Oxycontin (10mg’s twice daily), Neurontin (800mg’s twice daily) and Klonopin (0.5mg’s twice daily). I also take a couple of Vicodin before PT. And again, there is a method to my madness. I read a post today, [B]“Fusion was 100% successful”, [/B] I don’t know if it is just me, but man…no disrespect to the author of that post by any means, but it sounded like science fiction to me. :rolleyes: She said she is [B]100%[/B], yes, she did say [B]100% pain free[/B], 4 weeks post-op after having a single level (L4) ALIF. [B]ANTERIOR! That is from the front![/B] And she is now, again, [B]4 weeks post-op[/B] back to work [B]FULL[/B] time and is not taking [B]ANY meds whatsoever!!! [/B] That is what I call a superwomen, she said she is 41 years of age.

I just passed 12 weeks from my surgery date, which was a little different from hers granted, I had a 3 level discectomy and PLIF (L3 –S1 from the back). My doctors say I am quite far (four months) from even being considered for release to light duty, let alone full duty work. But [B]NO meds[/B], and back to [B]full duty work[/B]? Superwoman! That’s all I can say.

Maybe I am a product of over medicationalizing, I just made that word up so don’t look it up, but I think you know what I mean ;) . I know every one is different with different pain thresholds and types, i.e. discogenic pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, phantom pain, pain in the rear etc. This was one of the reasons I asked you what you were taking, and if PT had a bearing on an increase or decrease in your med needs etc. as I had stated earlier, the only time I take any Vicodin is just before I go to my PT. I used to take it 3 times a day before surgery, actually, after surgery, I was taking 2 percocets every four hours, 24/7 for about 2 and ½ weeks :eek: , and, on top of that, the Oxycontin dosage was 20mg’s twice daily, along with the Neurontin and Klonopin. So, I have cut back med consumption considerably since my surgery and PT and the way it is now being administered is a big part of that happening. But I could not even fathom the need for no medication whatsoever after these twelve weeks, let alone only after 4 weeks! That is a fantasy for most, and [B]I hope nobody makes a decision to have surgery based on her superhuman recovery story and believes that they also will be back to full duty work, 100% pain free and without the need for medication after just 4 weeks post-op[/B]. That just will not happen, she is one in a million, wait, that may be too generous, billion? well at least 1 in 10 million!

You had to ask didn’t you? :nono: I think I made all of the points I wanted to make, and I hope that I haven’t tilted the post so far out of whack that…well, maybe you might want to consider starting it over again, because after people read this…well, [B]if[/B] they actually finish reading this :yawn: they probably won’t even remember what the original thread was about anyway. Sorry!


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