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What does this exactly mean and is it serious? Also, i have radiating pain/numbness/tingling from my buttocks down back of my legs may be both legs or intemittent from either legs and burning feet. I can't do prolonged standing or walking without my feet developing burning pain. I have to sit down or lay down until the burning pain subsides alittle bit before i can stand back on my feet again. The burning pain occurs in varying degrees only when walking or standing for significant periods of time.

Has anyone heard of your feet going to sleep when you are sleeping and it causes you to wake up from your sleep to press the bottom of your feet to get feeling back into your feet this happens to me on several intervals at night when i am sleeping. Symptoms may come on suddenly, spontaneously disappear, and return at intervals.

My MRI in 2001: "Right paracentral disc herniation at L5-S1 causing compression of the right side of the thecal sac."

My recent MRI: "At the L5-S1 level there is a small disc protrusion in the right lateral region, this causes only minimal effacement upon the thecal sac."

How can the recent MRI go from compression to effacement in 3years, and i am still have the symptoms & same problems?? Does it mean less serious?? Please help me understand??

I am on W/C and the insurance company is trying to see if i have improved so i can go back to work so they don't continuely have to pay for loss wages and medical bills! What job is going to accommodate these restrictions of no prolong standing, sitting, and walking?? My condition is (if i am spelling this right) asymptomatic/or symptomatic whereas i am OK when i am doing nothing but any kind of exertion flares it up .... lifting groceries form the cart to the trunk of my car or housework or etc. Does anybody understand my problem here or relate with me. If you do help me out to understand or provide me any feedback to help my case?? Thanx...


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