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Hi all :wave:
Well today I go for my consult for possible spinal cord stimulator. I have oodles of questions and info I downloaded from the net, I hope I am prepared with enough info to help me in decideing what to do. I came acrossed another procedure in easy term language a "pain Pump" it is inserted in your back and controls chronic back pain with small doses of morphine I think that would be less invasive than the stimulator, anyone have this pain pump? Does it work on the constant pain? any draw backs? side effects? any info I think at this point I would rather have the pain pump verses the stimulator because if I get the latter I would never be able to have an MRI again, plus too many scary side effects and warnings, hopefully someone can answer with their knowledge on this subjuect I will be checking back before I go to DR. this morning maybe I will be even more informed and can make the best desision for me , thanks [img][/img]

laminectomy 1999
discectomy 2001
spinal fusion L5S1 2002
partial hardware removal
chronic back pain
failed back syndrome
right leg and foot numbness, loss of sensation, burning pain

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