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Hi Telzey,

Thanks for the tips, I have tried all of them, to no avail. :(

The Flexeril he prescribed me weeks ago, helped me a little the first week I was on it, since then, I'm stuck at the same level.

They just keep telling me that this happens, and that my body is just being stubborn and that it will take time for all of the swelling and the muscle to go down.

I'm sure that they won't take responsibility for this, so I hope they are telling me the truth.

I replied to you on the other IDET thread, as far as the carpal tunnel issue.

I really hope you don't get worsening symptoms :angel:
Please take it easy.

I had the carpal tunnel surgery, the strange thing is that I never had any symptoms.
They discovered it while doing the nerve conductive studies on my upper back.

They told me my left hand (I'm left handed) was 70% shot, and that my right hand was 60% shot.
They told me that if I had the surgery, it would help release some of the nerve endings, thus would help my pain in my upper back.
I guess some of those nerves are connected. [img][/img]

Well, needless to say, you guessed it, it didn't help my back one bit.
My hand is now weak and I can't grip things like I used to.

They even had the nerve to ask me to do my right hand, you can just imagine what I told them [img][/img]

See if you can find some Silly Putty, and just keep gripping it in your hand, that is what I had to do prior to surgery.
I used something like Silly Putty, but I have heard that Silly Putty works just as well, and it's cheaper too.

I will be praying that you feel better really soon :angel:

Please have a great Valentine's Day [img][/img]

I'll catch you later.

Be Well,
Baxter [img][/img]

Two level laminectomy fusion L5-S1 & L2-3 done on 12/6/02.
Fifteen inch scar from the very top of butt crack (sorry), to the bra line.
BAK cages, rods & screws.(Titanium)
My pelvic bone was used for grafting.
Praying that the other two discs in between, won't have to be fused later, as I was told it was a possibility, due to the other two discs in between, not being in that great of shape.
Doc didn't want to fuse four levels, unless it is really necessary.
I would hate to repeat the surgery, as the recovery period, is so very painful.
I also have a free fragment in my T11-12 area, that I'm still refusing surgery for, at this point in time.
That surgery is way too dangerous for me to consider, until if affects my being able to walk.

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