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I cannot lie flat on my back, such as when I'm at the dentists, lying on the floor, lying in the bed without a pillow, I also cannot even recline back slightly without discomfort. The pain I get, however, is a sense of pressure in my face and head, (I "feel" subjectively as if I'm inverted and hanging upside down), and I have a hard time breathing and get chest pain. I get anxiety and have to get up after just a few minutes.

I don't know if it's because of my low back pain resulting in dorsal problems (because the discomfort is definitely upper back, lower cervical, and chest) which have caused me to alter my posture and tighten up, making lying flat unfamiliar and thus uncomfortable?

Then I read about heart failure, and how it produces the same symptoms, where you feel the same way when attempting to lie down flat.

My low back pain aside (because my lumbar hurts when I try to lie flat too, but I "know" that pain, it's sharp and distinct and familiar), this upper back/chest/neck/face sensation feels very different, and feels more like pressure and tightness.

Has anyone else ever felt this or had this?

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