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Sitting is probably the hardest for me. Walking if the pain goes down my leg. I ice it, also had PT 4 years ago that I still do at home.
Aloha rmurf,

I had a three level discectomy and fusion (L3 S1) a little over two months ago. This was due to many factors, I wont get into too much detail with the medical terminology unless you really want me to, and Ill give you just a synopsis. I was diagnosed with three bulging disc, (again L3 S1) with annular tears in L4 L5 and L5 S1 with DDD in all three levels.

Pre op, I was experiencing a burning sensation in my right buttock that also ran down the back of my right leg to just below the knee, I also had a pins and needles sensation on my upper right calf, and numbness on the out side and heel of my right foot.

Post op, all of this has been eliminated thank God. However, I now had the burning sensation in my left buttock, which also traveled down the outside of my thigh and came around to the front of my upper leg, almost feeling like the pain was emanating from my bone. These symptoms seem to have now been controlled by upping the dosage of Neurontin that I have been taking since well before my surgery. I am now doing very well with my PT and am only occasionally reminded of the burning if I over do it at PT.

Overly aggressive PT was what I believe originally brought on the problems I had with my left buttock and upper leg burning, and before they adjusted my meds, I could usually calm the pain down and sometimes completely alleviate it by walking.

I had no luck with SSIs this was one of the reasons I went ahead with surgery, and so far so good, I believe I made the right choice.

Let me know if this helps, or if you want more info. Good luck with whatever decisions or plans you come up with. I know these are very difficult decisions and require lots of questions and knowledge on your part. I have lots of bookmarks and websites if you are interested.

Again, Good Luck and Gods Speed.

I Know The burning feeling you have,I also have it in my left hip and left leg,and in both feet..I have Si dysfunction,I have recieved si injections in both hips for 6 months,They told me depending on if the bands where stretched or not would depend on how well I responded to the injections and therpy.The burning would quit for a few days and then ultimately come back for me.That is when the therpist told me that the bands where stretched and therpy was the best option to try to control the burning.I am as well on 2,400 mg of neurtion for me it helps alittle but not alot.I noticed that when i am up on my feet alot or sit alot,or lift the burning gets worse.In my town the therpist are more qualified to deal with this then the dr's I believe.
[QUOTE=rmurf]Just wondering if anyone else has a big problem with a sensation of burning in the buttock and/or around the SI joint area. If you do, what is your main problem --- sitting, standing or walking??? What was your diagnosis?

Finally, if it resolved, how long did it take and what worked for you? Any luck with injections in SI joint or piriformis?


I have been diagnosed with DDD, collapsed disc (L4/L5), and an herniated disc (S1). I'm currently awaiting a spinal fusion procedure. (I have had an MRI and EMG and have nerve compression). Anyway, I do have burning pain that travels to my buttocks and left leg. I haven't had injections; but I'm sure others will have input for you on that. Good luck to you!

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