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Hello everyone I just got back from seeing the neuro dr today,I am so aggervated He has ordered another mri for me to confirm the other dr's disco and ct scan,I am so tired of this viscious cycle I could scream.I have been gooing back and forth to dr's over and over for the last 9 years and when The new dr did the diso followed by a nucoplasty I thought finally I am not nuts,I have a annular and a disk herniation and I am going to finally have it fixed,Well this neuro walked in and He is one I have seen in the past,I didn't like him then and I still have the same opinion about him,He had did a Myleo gram on me early on and told me there was nothing wrong,Well Just last month the radiolist at our clinic was fired for misreading myleograms and Mri's,which resulted in someone dying,They have gone back on this radiologist 10 years so He is the one who read mine.But can you imagen how i felt when he said There is nothing wrong with you...and now I have to see him again! This neuro is the one My insurance will pay for so I have to see him right?I am just soo aggervated at point I want to CRY!His exact words to me where You had a myleogram which i did 2 years ago and nothing was wrong,I seriously doubt you have a annular tear,and the nucoplasty was probably a waste of your time and money.I wanted to fuss him out.I am so confused I just want to scream please any advice on what to do..

Auto accident 1995-Mri L3 L4 L5 S1 disk buldge
1995-therpy medications
1996-Mri same results
1997-Therpy medications
Gave up for years and just dealt with it
2000-Myleogram showed nothing
2001 Mri ,slight disk buldge L5-S1,facet deteration,si dysfunction
2002-Si injections,facet injections,epideral injections,chiro,therpy
2003-Mri showed nothing
2004-refered to another pain clinic,disco CTscan L5 S1 annular tear,Disk herniation
2004-refered back to my hometown clinic
2004-another MRI sceduled!

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